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LCS Power Rankings Week 9

LCS Power Rankings

Week 9 of the LCS Summer Split is sure to be one for the ages. With so much potential for changes in the standings depending on the results this week, the playoff picture is far from clear. With the top teams jostling for preferred playoff spots, several teams fighting just to make it to the post season at all, and the bottom teams having one last shot on the stage before a long break, the only thing that is for sure this week is that it won’t be boring.


10. Echo Fox (LW: 10)

Echo Fox remaining at the bottom should come as no surprise. Throughout the split, they just haven’t looked on the same level as the other teams, and it’s easy to write their few victories off as flukes. They have a small chance to finish their season with a victory against the also-struggling FlyQuest, but it’s much more likely that they finish out this dismal season with a pair of losses, and focus on rebuilding in their long off season. – Nick Butts


9. FlyQuest (LW: 9)

A surprise victory against Cloud9 last week wasn’t enough to raise confidence in FlyQuest. Their 5-11 record speaks much more loudly than their one recent result, and memories aren’t quite that short. A long off season should benefit this team, as their roster looks much better than their record. Perhaps they need a little extra time to get in the right flow, and they will certainly have time to find it before the Spring Split. They have a good chance to finish the season on a high note, as they face Echo Fox on Sunday, and that may give them the boost they need for a productive off season. – Robert Hanes


LCS Power Rankings
(Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games)

8. Clutch Gaming (LW: 8)

It’s now crunch time for Clutch Gaming. They’ll have to come out of week 9 with a massive 2-0 weekend against 100T and GGS for a chance to make playoffs. Clutch showed a great performance this past weekend against Flyquest and have beaten both GGS and 100T earlier in the split. However, Clutch need to clean up their macro game and show signs of life with unique drafts this weekend to come out on top. Clutch have the micro mechanics to stand toe to toe against some of the best teams in the league, however they’ll need to play their absolute best, with drafts on their side to get that final playoff spot. – Steven Zamora


7. 100 Thieves (LW: 6)

A victory against TSM was not enough to offset their loss to the Golden Guardians, and they dropped one spot in this week’s rankings. They face a tough opponent in Clutch this week, with a lot on the line as they fight for that playoff spot. This will be a must-win, as their other matchup is against the surging Counter Logic Gaming. It is nothing short of amazing that 100T were able to turn things around from where they were just a short time ago, to actually having a shot at making the playoffs. If they can have a solid week and actually extend their season, it will be one of the better comeback stories in recent memory.  – Nick Butts


6. Golden Guardians (LW: 7)

Possibly playoff bound and certainly hyped after a 2-0 weekend the Guardians are coming into the final week of the LCS strong. The bot lane has clicked, and everyone appears in top form. Late game shotcalling is still iffy, but has certainly shown improvement over the beginning of the split. Give this team a control mage and Aatrox, and they can compete with anyone in the league. – Declan Mclauglin


LCS Power Rankings
(Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games)

5. OpTic Gaming (LW: 5)

OpTic went from a solid 2-0 Week 7 into a shaky 0-2 Week 8, which is a good representation of their season overall. Starting off incredibly strong, they exceeded expectations for the first few weeks, and then settled in to be more of the team that people thought they would be. They have good players, and look good when they’re on. When they’re not, however, they look like a team that might miss out on a playoff spot if they aren’t careful. If they can end the season like they started it, they won’t have anything to worry about. – Robert Hanes

4. TSM (LW: 4)

TSM have been clutching to the number 4 spot with all their might, and there’s a good chance they might get to keep it. Likely going 1-1 this weekend against Team Liquid and FlyQuest, it will take Cloud9 faltering against either the Golden Guardians or OpTic for either of those teams to have a chance to catch up. Though they have looked far from perfect in some of their recent losses, they are still a talented team that will most likely look strong in the post-season, especially with the option to swap out Junglers to seize an advantage in the Best of 5’s. – Nick Butts

3. Cloud9 (LW: 3)

Cloud9 remains in the top three, despite some issues with roster health and play consistency. With Eric “Licorice” Ritchie back in the top lane, C9 were ready to be in top form again, but instead came up with an 0-2 week. They should be able to get a couple wins this week, but only if they play as well as they can. OpTic and the Golden Guardians have proven that they are no pushovers, and can knock C9 down from the top if they’re not careful. – Robert Hanes

2. CLG (LW: 2)

CLG is solidified as the second best team in North America. They convincingly won out over Echo Fox and Clutch Gaming, moving to an 11-5 record. Sandwiched between Team Liquid and Cloud9, CLG has a realistic chance to secure a playoff bye. While making playoffs itself shows fantastic growth for this organization, their actual run through playoffs and the gauntlet have exciting possiblities. Dare CLG’s fans imagine them making Worlds? For the final week of the regular season, CLG faces OpTic and 100 Thieves. – Thomas Baker

LCS Power Rankings
(Photo by Paul de Leon/Riot Games)

1. Team Liquid (LW: 1)

After dropping a match to Cloud9 in Week 8, Team Liquid still find themselves at the top of the competition. Their current 12-4 record has them in 1st place, in front of both Cloud9 and CLG. Though a loss might stagger the overall perception of Team Liquid, they’re still easily the best team in North America. They recently secured their spot in the playoffs, so their sights are likely set on the near future instead. – Brayden Nazarian

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