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LCS Power Rankings Week 8

LCS Week 8

The playoff race is starting to tighten and now teams that are already (basically) in will start to prep for them. Week 8 will also bring with it a chance for CLG and Cloud9 to try and get their bye week alongside Team Liquid. Clutch Gaming, 100Thieves and Golden Guardians will be battling it out for the sixth playoff spot. It is worth noting that FlyQuest could still sneak in too so don’t count them out. With all of this in mind, the TGH writers came together to analyze the field and determine where each team belongs in this week’s power rankings.

10. Echo Fox (LW: 10)

Echo Fox have been sitting at the bottom of the power rankings and the league table for a while now. This is likely not the week that they will be able to change that. Throughout the season, the few bright spots for the team have been drowned out by the struggles that they seem to continually face. Squaring up against two top teams this week in CLG and TSM, their chance at winning even a single game looks grim. With more people talking about the fate of the organization rather than any good play, FOX seems ready to settle into a bleak season. – Robert Hanes

9. FlyQuest (LW: 8)

FlyQuest have been struggling more than anyone predicted thus far, and yet another 0-2 week did nothing to help that in Week 7. Though there is a chance they can pull off a win against Clutch Gaming, they aren’t the favored team in even that match, and their Cloud9 game will likely be even more one-sided. Whether its management, synergy or attitude issues, FlyQuest need to figure out whatever it is that is keeping their talented roster from reaching their potential. – Nick Butts

8. Clutch Gaming (LW: 9)

Clutch are currently in a three-way tie for sixth place against Golden Guardians and 100T. While this may be an improvement over their spring split performance, Clutch’s identity and playstyle are still somewhat unclear. Luckily, CG has been experiencing with new drafts and lane swaps to provide some semblance of more progressive play. If Clutch wants to squeak into the playoffs this split, they’ll need to form an identity and find a win condition soon. – Steven Zamora

7. Golden Guardians (LW: 7)

Welcome to the middle of the table where playoffs isn’t guaranteed, no one can take games off Liquid and no one can have any fun. The Guardians have officially fallen off the contenders’ cliff and fallen into fighting-for-playoffs valley. Criticism is being thrown left and right at the organization for never giving Deftly a chance with a real support and whether or not Contractz is a good Jungler. Criticisms aside this team is losing altitude fast and will need to win two out of their next four games to make playoffs. Those four games are against the two teams that are fighting for that final spot, Clutch and 100 Thieves, and two of the top four in Optic and Cloud 9. -Declan Mclauglin

lcs week 8
Courtesy of Riot Games

6. 100 Thieves (LW: 6)

While they continue to rise in rankings, 100 Thieves currently shares sixth place with both Golden Guardians and Clutch Gaming. Looking hotter than they have in nearly two full splits, 100 Thieves show improvement week to week. If they continue this streak of improvement, a slumping TSM and Golden Guardians could quickly enter their sights. – Cody Hill

5. OpTic (LW: 5)

Just when everyone thought they were out, they pulled back in. Bouncing back from an 0-2 Week 6 with a 2-0 Week 7, OpTic continues to keep everyone guessing. Though they have fallen out of the top tier of LCS teams, it seems clear by now that they want to have a shot at extending their seasons, and have every intention of finishing in the top 6. Though they will be the underdogs against a cruising Team Liquid, they should pull out a victory against the Golden Guardians to at least keep the weekend at 1-1. – Nick Butts

4. TSM (LW: 4)

TSM may be figuring things out, but it might be too little too late to finish in the top 3. Though they should handle Echo Fox with no problem, they could just as easily fall to the surging 100 Thieves unless they come prepared. Having finally established their official starting five, things seem to be moving in the right direction, and consistency is generally a positive thing. If a strong jungle presence in the early game can speed up their play, they can still contest for one of the top spots in the league. – Robert Hanes

3. Cloud9 (LW: 2)

Consistency is key for this Cloud9 squad. They have the talent, especially with Top Laner Eric “Licorice” Ritchie back in action after recovering from an injury. They got a taste for Worlds last year and look hungry for more. However, just wanting it isn’t enough. With Team Liquid and FlyQuest coming up this weekend, C9 need to shore up once more on drafting and overall team macro decisions if they wish to secure a top 2 spot in the LCS. – Richard Farley

2. CLG (LW: 3)

lcs week 8
CLG (Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games)

What a world this is, where Counter Logic Gaming is tied for second place in the LCS. Wins over FlyQuest and Cloud9 provided CLG their third 2-0 week of the Summer Split. The win over Cloud9, the other second-place team, has finally instilled enough hope for TGH to move them into the top two teams in the power rankings. Looking to Week 8, CLG theoretically have one of their easiest weeks yet. Clutch Gaming and Echo Fox sit towards the bottom of the standings, and CLG already beat them once in the first round robin. Anything less than another 2-0 will be disappointing. – Thomas Baker

1. Team Liquid (LW: 1)

Team Liquid have once more established themselves as a top force in North America. This time around, they’ve done it in rather casual fashion, but it still feels like they’re on a different level than their peers. By the hands of Peter ‘Doublelift‘ Peng, Team Liquid hold sole possession of 1st place in the LCS with a record of 11-3. However, Week 8 will prove to be a tough one, considering TL’s loaded schedule of CLG and C9. If they pull off another 2-0 weekend, it’ll then be clear that Team Liquid are ready for World’s this fall. – Brayden Nazarian

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