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LCS Power Rankings Week 7

100 Thieves Playoffs

Following an upset-filled Week 6, things seem a little less certain in the LCS. As the end of the season closes in, the games mean more than ever with the playoff picture beginning to take shape. The TGH writers came together to analyze the field and determine where each team belongs in this week’s power rankings.


10. Echo Fox (LW: 10)

Will this be Echo Fox’s last Split? If so it may be one to forget. The team continues to struggle in most areas of the game and look almost lost at times. At this point it is likely time to start playing only their players of the future like David “Yusui” Bloomquist and Lawrence “Lost” Hui to get them more Stage experience and prep for 2020, should they still be here for it. -Robert Hanes

9. Clutch Gaming (LW: 8)

Clutch face an uphill battle towards a .500 record during Week 7 of the LCS. However after an upset victory of Optic gaming, its clear that the last few spots for LCS playoffs are still not set. Tanner “Damonte” Damonte and Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon dominated in their late game. Furthermore, Clutch continues to look proactive and willing to try out new champions such as Damonte with Qiyana. If Clutch continue to innovate with their team compositions, while remaining proactive, this team could squeak into the playoffs. However, Cody “Cody Sun” Sun will need to play out of his mind if Clutch want to pick up a win against Yilang “Doublelift” Peng and TL this weekend. – Steven Zamora

8. FlyQuest (LW: 9)

FlyQuest has perhaps the biggest gap between their on-paper expectations and their actual performance. With some great young talent balanced by long time veterans, their seat at the bottom of the table has been a surprise to most. They can’t seem to find the winning recipe, and are running out of time. Despite some recent wins, they haven’t shown that they can beat any of the stronger teams in the league. With CLG and a rising 100T this week, it’s hard to predict anything but an 0-2 week for FlyQuest. – Nick Butts

7. Golden Guardians (LW: 6)

Though they are still technically in playoff position, and have a .500 record, they have undoubtedly been trending downwards. Their win over CLG in Week 6 was a rare bright spot for them recently, but not enough to restore confidence. The roster shift in the Support position looks promising, but not enough has been seen of it yet to be sure. If they continue to do well with the new lineup this coming week, they should be in a good position to end the season strong. If this isn’t the answer, though, it is getting a little late in the season to figure out what is. This uncertainty, paired with a tough Week 7 lineup of TSM and Team Liquid drops GGS down to 7 in this week’s rankings. – Nick Butts

6. 100 Thieves (LW: 7)

Heading into Week 7, 100 Thieves are on running with their newfound success. Week 6 proved fruitful for the Thieves with another 2-0, turning around their 0-5 start into what is now 5-7. With 6 games left in the season, 100 Thieves must continue fighting, starting off against Cloud9 this weekend. Looking stronger each week, teams should be prepared for a possible redemption arc for 100 Thieves heading in to this final stretch of the Split. – Cody Hill

5. OpTic (LW: 5)

It seems as though this team’s hot streak has cooled down completely. They are still a playoff team without a doubt but as long as Niship “Dhokla” Doshi and Terry “Big” Chuong man the Top and Support positions this team will stay in the fifth or sixth range of the LCS. – Robert Hanes

4. TSM (LW: 4)

The wheels have started to fall off for TSM. This team is starting to lack real cohesion, and they were unable to take down C9 despite having an 8K gold lead at one stage. Right now most do not have them as the third best team as teams such as CLG have a real shot of overtaking them. – Jordan Marney

3. CLG (LW: 3)

CLG hit their first 0-2 week of the Summer Split. They lost to Team Liquid and Golden Guardians. Neither loss was too terrible, which is why CLG still ranks third. Along with TSM just one point behind, CLG remains a tier below TL and Cloud9, but a tier above OpTic, GGS and 100 Thieves. Wiggily continues to impress in his sophomore split. The team’s coordination is the best for the organization in years. Looking towards playoffs, CLG should really push for a win over FlyQuest and as close match-up against C9 in Week 7. Hopefully this is their last and only 0-2 week of the split. Losing too much at the end of the regular season could taint an otherwise excellent bounce back. – Thomas Baker

2. Cloud9 (LW: 1)

Cloud9 performed well the previous week despite the loss against Echo Fox. Cloud9 should look to be more disciplined this week against two opponents that can take games away from under their noses. – Richard Farley

1. Team Liquid (LW: 2)

After securing their 3rd 2-0 weekend of the Summer Split, Team Liquid are beginning to surge. Teams like Clutch and GGS stand in their way in Week 7, but don’t expect a lost match for TL this weekend. It’s finally starting to feel like TL are in a rhythm and ready to dominate whomever crosses their path. Whether it’s team play, execution or sheer talent, Team Liquid often take the cake and hold the advantage over their opponents. Another 2-0 weekend should be coming right up. – Brayden Nazarian

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