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LCS Power Rankings: Week 3

With the first two weeks in the books, things are starting to take shape in the LCS. Some of these things were expected before the season, while others (like a 4-0 OpTic) are more of a surprise. The Game Haus LCS writers came together to determine the official TGH Power Rankings for LCS Week 3, and there may be a few surprises.

10. 100 Thieves: 0-4   (High: 10  Low: 10)

100 Thieves are sitting at the bottom of the barrel yet again. Despite that, tension in the team sparked by their newest jungler, Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider, may be the fire they need going into Week 3. They face off this week against Echo Fox and Golden Guardians. Golden Guardians will be the tougher match as they are on an upswing while Echo Fox are struggling a bit more. – Cody HIll

9. Echo Fox: 1-3   (High: 6  Low: 9)

Courtesy of Echo Fox

Echo Fox sit at 1-3, but that comes with the caveat that their single victory was against recent MSI Finalists Team Liquid. Their roster might not have as many familiar names as others in the LCS, but they are showing promise and working together. Their success this split will likely just come down to how quickly they can get their feet under them. – Nick Butts

8. Clutch Gaming: 2-2   (High: 7  Low: 9)

Although Clutch looked great during Week 2, they still have a long way to go. It seems that they have really mastered their ability to play around their ADC, Cody “Cody Sun” Sun. Furthermore, it appears that the team is in much higher spirits after the Dignitas announcement. But the fact is that Clutch faces two LCS playoff caliber teams this weekend. They have struggled for so long, that it will take more than one good week to put them any higher than this. – Steven Zamora

7. FlyQuest: 1-3   (High: 6  Low: 9)

Courtesy of Flyquest

FlyQuest have had a rough start to the Summer Split, sitting at 1-3. This can mainly be looked at due to strength of schedule now that Optic Gaming and Golden Guardians have had a few weeks to show they’re not as weak as people might have thought. FlyQuest look to turn it around and build on their small victories this week against Team Liquid and Clutch Gaming. – Justin McGregor

6. CLG: 2-2   (High: 5  Low: 8)

CLG essentially looks like the gatekeeper of the LCS right now. Half the league is better, while the other half is worse. CLG’s early games have gone very well, but losing key team fights later in the game show that CLG still have some kinks to work out. A win over Echo Fox in Week 3 is expected. A win over Golden Guardians would require better mid game execution than CLG have shown thus far. A 2-0 weekend could push them to top four, but ranking CLG over TSM, TL, C9, GGS or OPT is currently a stretch. – Thomas Baker

5. OpTic: 4-0   (High: 2  Low: 6)

Image Courtest of OpTic Gaming

OpTic currently sits at the top of the table, the only team yet to lose a game. However, this has been due at least in part to a very easy schedule thus far. That all changes this week as they take on two tough opponents in Cloud9 and Team Liquid. This will be the week that shows what they’re really made of. – Robert Hanes

4. TSM: 2-2   (High: 2  Low: 5)

TSM have not had the start that they and many fans were expecting. The six-time North American Champions currently sit tied for fourth with a 2-2 record. TSM have reverted back to a play style which many fans were hoping to never see again – slow scaling team compositions. It is yet to be seen whether TSM are serious about a six man roster or if they are simply going to stick with one jungler once they find out who the best fit is. – Jordan Marney

3. Golden Guardians: 3-1   (High: 1  Low: 5)

golden guardians
Courtesy of Golden Guardians

The Golden Guardians are making it work. Their mix of experience that they brought together for this split has been showing just how powerful they can be. A disappointing loss to Clutch was immediately countered by a victory over Cloud9 last week, and neither 100T or CLG are likely to give them much trouble, and they have a good chance to be 5-1 going into Week 4. – Nick Butts

2. Team Liquid: 2-2   (High: 1  Low: 3)

Everyone talked about the “MSI Hangover” coming into the Summer Split, and it seems that it is a real thing. TL have looked a bit sluggish so far, which has resulted in them being 2-2 after the first two weeks. That being said, they are still Team Liquid. They had an amazing run at MSI, and some of the best talent in NA in each position. If they continue to drop games for too much longer, it might be time for a serious conversation, but at this point there is little reason to worry. – Robert Hanes

1. Cloud9: 3-1   (High: 1  Low: 2)

FACEIT Global Summit
Image courtesy of Cloud9

Few would argue that Cloud9 are at the top of the LCS currently. With Team Liquid and TSM struggling in the early weeks, the only real challenger is the Golden Guardians. Though GGS won the head to head, their success is much newer, while C9 has had continued success for a long time now. They are one of the steadiest teams out there, and consistently play well together. With TSM and OpTic lined up to face them this week, it’s time to prove that they are the team to beat. Otherwise, they could be dethroned in next week’s rankings. – Nick Butts

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