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LCS Power Rankings: CLG are Legit


A fourth LCS team has emerged and CLG are it. They beat TSM and have proven that NA has added another team to their top tier. After them there will clearly be a battle for the last two playoff spots over the next four weeks. See where the TGH crew have everyone ranked.

10. Echo Fox (LW: T10)

Echo Fox have been making changes and are still falling behind. It is pretty unlikely that they will make playoffs at this point. Right now they need to find a direction for next season. They need to know who is worth keeping around and where they can make improvements. Even if they were to slip in a couple wins they would likely stay near the bottom of the rankings. – Robert Hanes

9. FlyQuest (LW: T10)

This is a team on the rise and one that still has a chance at playoffs. They had a big 2-0 weekend last week and their win against OpTic proved that they still have what it takes to get it done. Because of their terrible start they will need to play nearly flawlessly in order to make a real run but they do have it in them. Once they get a couple more wins, expect to see them climb these rankings. – Nick Butts

8. Clutch Gaming (LW: 7)

Despite CG’s rough week five, they are continuing to show improvement from their more passive play from week one. If clutch can continue to play around Cody Sun and Huni they could find success across the rift. However both CLG and TSM stand in their way this week. If Clutch wants to come out with a chance to make playoffs they will need a perfect 2-0 weekend. – Steven Zamora

7. 100 Thieves (LW: 8)

Even with 100 Thieves going into Week 6 off of a 0-2 week, this should be the kickoff point for them heading into a possible playoff berth. Of all the weeks left, Week 6 should be an easy 2-0 for the team if their improvements are indeed true. Against Optic Gaming, a team that has had its ups and downs despite their record, and Echo Fox, the team they picked up their first win on, 100 Thieves have everything to prove going into this week. – Cody Hill

6. Golden Guardians (LW: 6)

It seems as though GGS are going to be the gate-keepers again this split. Every time fans expect them to get into that top tier they lose a game they should win. There is no doubt that they have the talent to challenge just about every team in the LCS, they just need to put it all together. – Robert Hanes

5. OpTic (LW: 4)

At one point it looked like OpTic would be able to challenge for one of the top spots but Dhokla and Big’s weaknesses are starting to shine through. Even still Meteos, Crown and Arrow have all been playing at a high enough level to keep them in the playoff hunt. If they can get a few things to fall their way they might be able to surprise some people. – Nick Butts

4. TSM (LW: T2)

TSM will need to shore up their problems and quickly if they want to avoid having a really bad seed in the playoffs. Their week does not get any easier as they go up against C9 who are looking incredibly strong despite subbing out one of their star players. – Jordan Marney

3. CLG (LW: 5)

With a convincing win over TSM, CLG have proved that they are the elusive fourth best team in the LCS. For the longest time there were just the three and now CLG can truly make a run towards the top. With the team playing as well as they are they shouldn’t just hope to make the playoffs they need to look towards a surprise run at worlds at this point. – Robert Hanes

2. Team Liquid (LW: 1)

Things have begun to get interesting for Team Liquid and their peers as of late. With an increase in competition this split, TL have had to fight to keep their spot among the top teams. They’re currently tied with CLG and C9 for 1st place, but have a tough weekend ahead. Even if they drop back a spot, TL might still be the best team in the LCS at this point. Their talent outmatches the rest of the league and recent performances – like during the Spring Split and at MSI – make it hard to put another team above them. – Brayden Nazarian

1. Cloud9 (LW: T2)

A much better week for Cloud9 as they shored up on the issues they need to work on. It will be interesting to see if they can keep it up. Even with Kumo in for Licorice the team still looked as strong as ever. – Richie Farley

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