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Korean Overwatch Pro Cleared of Cheating Charges

Korean Overwatch pro Geguri has been cleared by Blizzard Korea of charges she was cheating. The 17-year-old Overwatch player, who mains Zarya for team “Artisan” was accused by other Overwatch players in the pro scene of cheating.

Geguri not only holds a 70 percent win rate in Overwatch, but she’s famous for only playing Zarya. The accusations came shortly after her and her team won the Nexus Cup series in Korea. The two players who accused her even went so far as to say they would quit the pro scene entirely if it was proven that she wasn’t hacking.

In order to prove them wrong, Geguri streamed an hour of her playing Overwatch, the video of which is located below.

In the video she also films herself in order to show that she is indeed not hacking as people were alluding. After the video was released the two Overwatch pro players who originally accused her kept to their previous word and retired from the pro Overwatch scene permanently. After the stream concluded she can be seen breaking down into tears. According to a user on reddit, she said she cried because of the stress she had been under over the accusations.

Stories of the harassment of female esport players isn’t anything new. Many pro players and streamers across a variety of games note that they are treated differently for being a woman. One Smite player told Polygon in an interview that she hid her gender from fans for a good amount of time before revealing it. “The only reason people knew I was a woman was when I got on Smite Pro and I had a webcam,” Brittany Gentle told Polygon. “Things changed after that. I got treated differently. People would either be super nice to me or super mean. There’s no middle ground.”

Geguri is currently on team Artisans roster and continues to play Overwatch. After her stream Blizzard Korea dropped all the cheating charges against her.


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