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Kingzone DragonX beat KT Rolster to claim LCK Supremacy


Yesterday Kingzone DragonX (Formerly Longzhu) defeated KT Rolster and claimed the top spot in the LCK standings.

It was an important match for both teams. The winner would claim the top spot in the standings after KSV’s loss to Rox Tigers. Finally, the LCK would have its sole leader after constant contention for the first place spot.

Match 1

Source: Riot Games Flickr

After a slow start to match 1, with the only advantage being a small CS lead held by Kingzone, KT attempted a gank in mid. It was a short-lived attempt, with Kingzone’s mid-laner Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong instantly realizing the gank was incoming. He immediately used a combo onto unsuspecting KT mid-laner Heo “PawN” Won-seok. This gave enough time for Kingzone’s jungler, Han “Peanut” Wang-ho to get to the fight and turn the tables.

The play resulted in a double kill over to the side of Kingzone giving them the tempo they needed to steamroll the rest of the match. They used this advantage to gain vision control of KT’s Jungle, meaning all gank attempts by KT were immediately identified and avoided.

Kingzone began to show time and time again just how heavily they outclassed KT, by setting up baits and plays all over the map. This was consistently successful as KT were in no position to fight for vision control. Kingzone closed out the match off the back of a second Baron kill by Kingzone, giving them the final push they needed to close out Match 1.

Match 2

Match 2 was a completely different story than the first. Instead of being a sluggish start to the match, Peanut power farmed up to level 4 on Zac and immediately looked for a gank opportunity in top lane.


Source: Riot Games Flickr

The gank proved successful and scored Kingzone first blood. KT was caught completely by surprise as Zac isn’t normally a champion that hits level 4 so quickly due to his slower early clear. However, thanks to a slightly unorthodox jungle pathing, Peanut was able to pull it off.


KT looked incredibly strong in the early game, with far superior objective control than Kingzone. But when it came to later in the match where team fighting was the most important, Kingzone stole the show. They won out almost every team fight, taking control of the match and dictating its pace. Throughout all of the team fights it seemed as if KT had dozed off, they became sloppy in their execution, handing over kill after kill to Kingzone.

After a Baron kill at 35 minutes into the match, Kingzone marched up bot lane with their newly acquired Baron buff and sieged KT’s base. They were met with very little contention as they seized an easy 4 kills and proceeded to close out the match at 36:58 and cementing their victory.


Other Image(s): LoL EsportsLoL Esports

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