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Overwatch patch adds Junkertown map and Mercy changes


Yesterday, Overwatch was patched and added the long-awaited Junkertown map and Mercy changes to the game. You can find the official list of changes here. You can see the new map and Mercy changes in the videos below.

Junkertown: Long Range Combat

The biggest take away from Junkertown is that it’s open. Every single phase of this escort map features long sight lines that make it perfect for long range combat. See in the clip below how much distance is between Widowmaker and the enemy and how little cover they have. Because of this, we expect more barrier use on offense and defense when it comes to Junkertown, and of course, more snipers.

Mercy Rework

Obviously, the biggest change to Mercy is switching her Resurrect from her ultimate to a single target ability. This change also brought along some nerfs, such as limiting the range of Resurrect to five meters and requiring line of sight.

Some players may not like these changes to her Resurrect, mainly the limited range. Requiring line of sight for Resurrect means Mercy can’t hide behind walls to Rez teammates anymore, a staple of her gameplay in the past. Limiting the range to five meters forces her teammates to play close together. Otherwise, teammates are forcing her into unnecessary danger based on where they die.

Do you like the new map and Mercy changes? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Featured Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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