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Is J.R. Smith the hero we deserve in NBA 2K18?

Disgruntled 2K players are apparent in the game’s social media because of the game’s negative reception. The only voices that their social media listens to generally is from NBA players. Not hard to believe because of the negative replies coming from every new social media post. NBA players don’t use their social media platform to voice their thoughts about NBA 2K18 often. Everyone but the exception of J.R Smith of the Cleveland Cavaliers. In the past week Smith has been the unsung hero in the NBA 2K community that was waiting for.

J.R. Smith’s off-ball movement. Courtesy of Tito Sar.

Microwave Badge On Twitter

The most popular Tweet that started it all was from two weeks ago about losing the ball too much in the Playground. With over 6,000 retweets and 15,000 likes, there are many players that can relate including myself and then there’s others with clever remarks. However no one from 2K was able to respond to Smith, not even Ronnie2K himself.

In MyCareer the shoe deal was bugged under certain brands and required players to purchase shoes with VC in order to keep their shoe deals. I was able to wear Adidas during games but I wasn’t able to get any shoes for the Street/Playground because your shoe deal doesn’t provide shoes outside of season games. Your shoe deal can be voided by wearing a different brand which results in a Catch-22. Smith commented on the problem with shoe deals and Ronnie2K responded that it will be adjusted in the next patch. Success!

And just like that J.R. Smith is the unanimous voice of the 2K community! It’s all been good and fun to see NBA players being able to get their input on the game. But this speaks more on the voice of the 2K community itself. How much value do our voice carry? We’ve seen their social media acknowledge NBA players but what about us regular players?

The Big Picture For The NBA 2K18 Community

There needs to be a voice in the community. YouTubers such as Chris Smoove can only go so far with their reach. The NBA 2K Reddit isn’t the best environment to get a direct response. However there needs to be constructive criticism with what people think is wrong with the game. After a while it’s hard to take us seriously when we trash the game within the first month of release. I will give credit to 2K for releasing a few patches within the month after release.

In order to give input with traction you’d have to follow a few people on Twitter. Is this some kind of sick marketing tactic for followers? Only kidding. If there are any gameplay issues you’re having then the man to ask is Mike Wang, Gameplay Director for NBA 2K. Throughout the past several weeks they’re slowly making hotfixes for certain issues such as heavily contested shots for example.

With the NBA 2K League coming out next year and their focus on the community, I want to be optimistic. Esports success comes from your customers and viewers that believe in the product. It’s hard to make everyone happy but they have to be able to distinguish constructive criticism. Although the 2K League will be it’s own separate game mode from NBA 2K18, the funnel to find the best players start at 2K18 itself. The NBA 2K League only have one opportunity for a first impression.


Featured image courtesy of Tito Sar.

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