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Interview with Angry Titans’ Spectr9l: “I remember how broken I felt after losing two Grand Finals in a row. I don’t want to feel that feeling again.”

In the early days of competitive Overwatch – when the OGN Apex circuit was the biggest show in town, and teams like ReUnited and EnVyUs battled it out with the likes of Afreeca Freecs Blue and Lunatic Hai – one young player in a sea of talent got his first start in the big leagues. His name at the time was ONIGOD, and for the better part of three years, that name was what you saw when you looked up “Great EU Hitscan Players” in the dictionary. (Please ignore the fact that that’s not how dictionaries work.)

With a new name and an old dream, Spectr9l – as he is now called – is looking to once again break into the big leagues off the back of an amazing run. This time, it’s with a little team called Angry Titans. We sat down with Stefan “Spectr9l” Fiskerstrand to talk about his past, his present, and his future in competitive Overwatch. Enjoy!


First off, for anyone who doesn’t know you – who are you? What’s your history in Overwatch?

Im Spectr9l, DPS player for Angry Titans. I’ve been playing the game since it release in May of 2016 at a pretty high level. I started on a Norwegian-only team, then got picked up by ReUnited to play in OGN Apex Season 1, where we lost 2-3 in the quarterfinals vs AF Blue. (Not a bad start, considering I only had a few days to practice a new role and with a new team.)

After that I played in NA Contenders Season 0 with Toronto Esports, which didn’t go that well. After that I joined the team I’m still on today, Angry Titans. We qualified for Contenders Season 1 (2018) and made the semifinals that season, then went on to make it to the Grand Finals in Seasons 2 and 3. Currently, we’re 6-0 in the group stage of Contenders Season 1, 2019.


You’ve talked a bit about your name change on Twitter and Twitch, citing a desire to move towards a more professional image – but what inspired the name, specifically?

I used to call myself ONIGOD, which literally translates to “demongod”. It was just a tiny bit too edgy for me. I’m not really that edgy as a whole, and I know people find my new name edgy as well, which is fine. I mained Devil Jin in Tekken since I was a kid, after all. I don’t remember where I got the word “Spectral” from, but I think it looks nice. Also I think numbers in names are cool, and nobody can change my mind.


AT has had quite the season – and has been crazy consistent for the past few. What goes into your success, both individually and as a team? What’s changed between this season and last season(s) to really nail things down?

For me personally, I think success stems from really wanting to succeed, putting in consistent hard work and chasing your dream. For me, that’s the Overwatch League. I have no plans to give up anytime soon.

As a team, I would say the best thing about us is the environment we’ve built. We work hard and have an intense drive to win. I think getting along with your teammates outside of the game is important as well, not to mention having great staff supporting you – we do, which is a big plus. As for this season compared to last, I can’t really answer for the whole team – for me, it’s that I remember how broken I felt after losing two Grand Finals in a row. I don’t want to feel that feeling again.


Is there anyone on the team who has had a particularly large impact on the team’s success this season? How, if so?

Thats a tough question to answer – I feel like every player on the team has been shining. I know for sure that AFoxx has been playing really well lately, eMIL is eating way too many gravs, and LuLLSiSH is hitting some clutch shatters.


How do you feel EU as a region stacks up against other Contenders regions across the world? What’s the best region in the world right now, and why?

In the current meta I would say EU is currently the best region in the world. Mostly because of how important GOATS is in the current meta, and how experienced we are playing that comp.


Who are some players and teams (from any region) that you’re keeping an eye on?

I keep an eye on my former teammates (Luddee and Ellivote) to see how they’re doing. I also think Edison from GC Busan is pretty good, and I try to watch RunAway games when I can.

Are there any players (at any level) that you’ve looked up to, past or present? Anyone whose style you’ve tried to replicate, etc?

The players I’ve looked up to the most are probably EFFECT and Sayaplayer. While it’s impossible to replicate them, I’ve gotten a lot of inspiration from watching them play and seeing their work ethics in action. I also always thought Birdring was really good after playing against him in Apex Season 1.


Who are your favorite OWL teams/players?

I’m a pretty big Seoul Dynasty fan, ever since Season 1 – I’ve watched their core players since before they were the Dynasty. They have/had some legendary players on that team. I also like the Vancouver Titans, because, well, they’re basically RunAway. They’re the best team in the league currently. I also like the Spark, because of their overall theme and their players. Especially Guxue.

Are you happy with the changes Blizzard has made to T2 this year (the Gauntlet/LAN showdowns, prize pool adjustments, etc?) 

While I’m happy that they’re making some good changes, but I’m still pretty sad that Contenders itself doesn’t have its own LAN- even just for finals. That said, I do like the new group format.


How do you feel about your team’s chances against BH this week? Anything you’re particularly worried about, or preparing for?

I think our chances are very good, we`re not too worried. We are mostly preparing to play vs GOATS – though we’re not really scared of dealing with theirs.


How do you think the new meta (if there is a new meta) will affect your team/the rest of the playoff teams?

I think our team will do well in the new meta – we’re a very flexible team. I feel comfortable playing most heroes, and our team in general has a very deep hero pool. It will be interesting to see what the next meta shapes up to be.


What sort of message would you send to OWL scouts watching you (or your team) that are on the fence about signing you? How would you convince them you’re worth a shot?

I would say I pour my heart into this game, I work hard and I am very coachable. I also get along well with people and if needed I will learn any language 😉


[Thanks to Spectr9l for sitting down and talking with us! Good luck in playoffs this season!]

You can watch Spectr9l and the Angry Titans play against British Hurricane on Thursday at 1PM PDT!]



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Featured Image Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

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