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An Interview with Team Allegiance Jungler Weak3n

Kurt “Weak3n” Schray has been playing Smite competitively since before the Smite Pro League was a thing. He is a World Champion with Team EnVyUs in the Smite Console League, as well as a Masters champion with his old SPL team AFK Gaming. He is currently the Jungle for Team Allegiance of the SPL.

If you want to learn more about Smite or Weak3n, you can check him out on Twitter, Twitch, or Youtube.



First off, congratulations on splitting with Luminosity Gaming. What went right for you during this set that allowed your squad to be competitive in the game 1 loss, and then take a close game 2?


-Game 1 we had an early lead between all of us which was what kept us close throughout the entire game, but we had a comp that was built around killing the god who was in front of our mage/hunter and we did not play around that in team fights. We let them dive us and instead of making them pay we fell back which was a mistake each fight.


You’ve been playing Smite competitively since before the SPL even existed. What motivates you to compete for such a long time, and into the future?


-The fact that the game changes and adds new gods every two weeks is the main reason I haven’t gotten sick of the game. Also the fact that I do not have a PC World Championship is a big motivation.


You have a lot of fans, as evidenced by your success on Twitch and YouTube. However, you’re also looked at as a villain in the eyes of some SPL fans. What is it like to be viewed this way, and does something like this fuel you to win?


-The hate doesn’t really affect my drive to win, I have been the same since I started Smite when no one knew who I was. I enjoy having both sides of the spectrum though because I want to enjoy my community and this weeds out the audience that I don’t relate to.


The SPL has had a copious amount of what fans call “rosterpocalypse” over the last few splits. Team Allegiance, and you specifically, have been at the center of these roster changes. Knowing your roster signed with ALG for a full year, what is your opinion on the way roster changes are handled in the SPL?


-Roster changes are usually pretty basic, the only difference is the community tries to get involved in it and they don’t understand what so ever. This leads to the players sharing more information than needed. Most times teams make changes it’s because of business.

The entire idea of “hey x team, you need to play together forever to be great,” is just unrealistic. Some players work well together and some don’t. The only way to find out is to try it. Look at all pro teams in sports, every single team makes changes through each year.


Compared to past Seasons, do you enjoy Season 4 more or less?


-I honestly just go with the seasons and enjoy each with what they bring. Every season the players complain about something, it changes, and then something else is complained about. Just have to roll with it and try to win with whatever is in place.


You’re a player that is sort of known for falling a bit behind in order to feed your teammates. How has the current meta, with the aggressiveness and over abundance of sunder, affected your playstyle?


-Well I build a lot of sunder. I don’t really fall behind as much in this meta, but that is mainly because I have a team of people who aren’t selfish and I don’t have to deal with being proxy’d in lane or having buffs killed before I get to them.


It’s no secret that NA was embarrassed at Masters. What is it about EU that made them so dominant so quickly, and what does NA need to do to catch up?


-EU has been experimenting and not just going with the standard stuff, which is what NA was known for in previous seasons. I think until NA gets in that mindset we will be a step behind.


As a follow up, how do you feel your roster has done at making that jump, and how do you compare against the other NA rosters?


-Our team is a top 3 team now. We have energy, positivity, a second shot caller with immense game knowledge, and a team that enjoys playing together. All of this will lead to our team getting stronger over this season.


What needs to happen for Team Allegiance to compete at DreamHack Valencia for Summer Finals?


-If we play aggressive and as one unit we will make Valencia. Nothing needs to change. Continued work will just put us further ahead.

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Quick Hits


Favorite God?



Favorite pair of shoes?

-Kevin Durant IV “Weatherman”


Favorite video game of all time?

-Halo 2


Most memorable Smite moment?

-Winning our first LAN back in season 2 when no team would even practice against us at the LAN.


Favorite SPL player to Gank?



Can I have Speed Buff?



Thanks for taking the time to answer these questions. Good luck to ALG during the rest of Summer Split, and I hope we can see you competing at DreamHack in July.

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