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How Long has Faker played League of Legends?

How Long has Faker played

Faker stands as the most reputable League of Legends player of all time. Even if the esport continued for decades, it’s highly unlikely that another will ever contest him for that title. Some may be wondering, how long has Faker played League of Legends? Well, this year marks his tenth year playing professionally in League of Legends. And despite a career that spans almost twice as long as most other competitive esports players.

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He may have played longer than 10 years, if calculating his play time as an amateur before entering the scene. This only calculates his professional career. In fact, it’s stated that Faker began playing League of Legends as early as 2011. But for the sake of easier calculations, this article will only consider his professional career.

Faker debuted in 2013 in season 3 of League of Legends, and consistently participated in the competitive scene. Therefore, if he plays all the way through the concurrent season 12, it’ll mark a total of ten years of playing competitively. As of now, he’s played more than 9 years. But as most know, career longevity isn’t necessarily Faker’s biggest selling point.

The legend won three world championships, in 2013, 2015, and 2016. This title is held only by Faker and Benji, both of whom played together on T1 at the same time. Where most players dream of winning becoming world champions, Faker has done so multiple times.

In Conclusion

Hopefully Faker continues to remain healthy, so he can continue playing professionally. An esports scene without T1’s Faker wouldn’t be the same, and would definitely mark the end of an era. Faker is a man who has achieved the most for professional play out of everyone in League of Legends history. But despite having done so, he continues to strive to better himself, attempting to strive for the worlds championship title once again.

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