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How is Faker still good at League of Legends?

Faker still good

Faker stands as the most reputable League of Legends player of all time. Even if the esport continued for decades, it’s highly unlikely that another will ever contest him for that title. The living legend won 3 League of Legends World Championships, a reputation most cannot even dream of. This year marks his tenth year playing professionally in League of Legends. And despite a career that spans almost twice as long as most other competitive esports players, Faker more than holds his own.

At the ripe age of 25, Faker continues to remain a top tier esports athlete. Despite well surpassing the “optimal” age for competitive gaming, it seems Faker remains impervious to the widespread belief of prime gaming performance years. This begs the question, how is Faker still so good at League of Legends?

Before delving directly into the question, first, an analysis of League of Legends and its corresponding esport is essential.

League of Legends

The game is and will remain one of the biggest esports in existence for years to come. As a 5v5 team game, the game paved the way for other esports to follow. But despite the extended life of the esport, there’s still not a lot of research and studies in optimizing professional longevity. A lot of League of Legends professional players retire by the time they reach their early to mid 20s. This justifies the belief that the prime gaming performance years are from ages 17-21. After that, many assume that everything goes downhill.

To remain relevant and exciting, the developers constantly update the game. Therefore, preexisting strategies and methods of play expire with time, requiring consistent hard work and study. This then begs the question:

How do players improve at League of Legends?

Ask any semi-serious player. It could be a streamer, professional player, or even just an amateur try hard. League of Legends is a test of mental. Yes, there is natural talent and inclination towards the game for sure. But hard work and a steady mental will always win in the long run. Luckily, Faker has both. The man has a god given gift, but at the same time continues to work arduously to improve himself.

Where most players would get cocky, Faker always humbles himself. He is confident, but his ego isn’t bloated. Even though practically the entire League community places him on a shrine, Faker continues to ground himself in his own lifestyle in hopes of continuing to better his performance. From taking care of his body, understanding his own limitations and habits, to even getting a good nights sleep, Faker understands what it takes to optimize his routine.

Faker as a Leader

Despite having accomplished more than enough for a lifetime of involvement in esports, Faker continues to search for areas of growth. This makes Faker not only a great player, but also an amazing leader. And in a team game like League of Legends, leadership is an essential quality.

Faker isn’t necessarily the most charismatic or funny guy. In fact, he can be a bit awkward at times. But the man has more League of Legends Esports experience than literally anyone in existence. Where many players stumble and question their decision making, especially in a stage for literally millions, Faker practically always knows the right answer. Having such unwavering confidence allows his teammates to match his energy, and learn from his example. T1’s performance this split proves exactly this.

Professional Player Lifestyles

Being a professional player is not easy. And though it seems like all glitter and butterflies, being on stage and constantly having to test oneself against the best of the best takes a tole on the mental. The industry is very cut throat, requiring many pro players to live frugally in the hopes of eventually making it big. The unfortunate fact is, most never do.

Many players leave the scene because they simply cannot afford to continue committing their life to a game or dream that may never provide for them. It doesn’t help that the typical lifestyle surrounding League of Legends is incredibly unhealthy, characterized by all-nighters, binge playing, and general lack of self awareness.

Players attempting to sprint to reach the finish line often burn out before accomplishing their goal. Maybe their body begins breaking down, or their mental health determinates. Whatever the case, there’s a lot of reasons that a player’s optimal performance on stage can be bogged down from a unsustainable lifestyle.

How is Faker different?

Check out the amazing Ashley Kang’s interview with Faker for Korizon Esports for more information.

In the interview with Korizon Esports, Faker states

“I’ll take myself for example. I’ve also recently been experiencing a drop in my attention span. However, I believe this is based on my lack of looking after my own condition.”

Faker’s overall health and mental seem stronger than ever. Even when comparing how Faker looked towards the very beginning of his career to now, it’s clear that he’s physically healthier. Of course, this is a superficial comparison, therefore doesn’t necessarily accurately represent his well being.

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Faker still good
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In Conclusion

For those wondering if T1 Faker is still good or not, ponder no longer. He’s undeniably still an absolute monster. Some believe that he’s past his prime, but it’s very difficult to realistically gauge how skilled a player is at League of Legends. Especially considering the game heavily centers around team play, there are too many inconsistent variables.

As of the time of this article, Faker’s team, T1, remains undefeated in the LCK Spring Split. Though the entire team has continued playing exceptionally well, Faker undeniably stands as a pillar for his allies. In addition, Faker set a record for the most professional League of Legends games in esports history, being one of two players breaking through the 1000 matches mark. Throughout his decade of Esports history, Faker continues practicing the essentials of keeping up his performance. By taking care of himself and creating a routine healthy lifestyle, the living legend stands as an exceptional example of an unbreakable mental. And by doing so, lives up to his name of the best player in League of Legends history.

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