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Hearthstone: Crazy Powerful New Rastakhan Cards

Powerful New Rastakhan Cards

With all the powerful new Rastakhan cards being revealed, Rastakhan’s Rumble looks like it will really stir up the meta. The major complaint with The Boomsday Project was the lack of enough impactful cards to shift meta archetypes. This time around, we are definitely due for entirely new decks to take over.

Priest and Mage Spells

Priest is getting the spell Seance. Similar to the old spell Convert, this allows Priests to add a copy of aPowerful New Rastakhan Cards minion to their hand. For two mana, this could be used on some late game tools, similar to Zola the Gorgon.

Seance is great for cards with powerful effects, like Amara, Warden of Hope. Resetting your health to 40 more than twice in a game could let you outlast any sort of aggressive gameplan in the later stages.

Mage is getting a new secret that is a fantastic card. Splitting Image will summon a copy of one of your minions when it is attacked. A large minion like the Lich King could be attacked since it has taunt, and then another Lich King would come into play.

This also adds to the factors the opponent has to count for when playing into a secret. There really weren’t any secrets that impacted trading minions on the board since the old Duplicate, and now this complicates turns even harder than Duplicate once did.

Rogue and Shaman Minions

Powerful New Rastakhan CardsRogue is getting a powerful new legendary for its Pirate archetype. Captain Hooktusk is an eight mana 6/3 that will summon three pirates from your deck and grant them Rush. This is a lot of value for eight mana, and it’s an effect similar to Master Oakheart.

Where this card shines above Oakheart is that there is no mana limit to the cards summoned, so long as they are Pirate-type. There aren’t many large and fearsome Pirate cards, but even getting mid-size minions with Rush is such a powerful effect for something tempo-oriented like pirates tend to be,

In a different class, Shaman receives another versatile minion for any use. A card that is functionally similar to Brewmaster, Bog Slosher returns a friendly minion to the hand, but in doing so it gives it +2/+2.

As a three mana 3/3 Elemental, there are good potential synergies. On top of that, this can be an additional card to go into the Battlecry pool for Shudderwock Shamans, which rely on getting infinite Shudderwocks. Bog Slosher plus Grumble and Zola means even greater odds to hit the combo.

Big Deathrattle Support

Powerful New Rastakhan Cards

A decent amount of Deathrattle minions are being added in Rastakhan’s Rumble, and now there’s an extremely powerful legendary to boot. Da Undatakah is an eight mana 8/5 that will gain the Deathrattle of three minions that died this game.

Needless to say, that’s a lot of Deathrattle value in one card. While it’s obviously susceptible to silence, in a Deathrattle deck the opponent may have already committed their silence to other cards. With certain Deathrattle legendary cards that exist, getting their effect more than once in a single game could be an additional win condition with Da Undatakah.

See cards as they get revealed for Rastakhan’s Rumble here. 


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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