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Questionable Madden 19 Ratings: Philadelphia Eagles

Every year, a new Madden game comes out, and each time it happens, we all waste our money and buy a new copy. Part of the fun is that Madden rates all the players and updates their rankings throughout the football season. EA has just released their rankings for this year’s Madden 19.

Madden 19
Barkley runs in Madden 19. Photo by EA Sports.

They are usually terribly inaccurate and heavily debated about by Madden’s fans. There were quite a few surprises in this year’s rankings. Here are a few of the most eye-catching inaccuracies.

Strange quarterback rankings

Somehow, a game that is based on NFL football gave rookie Baker Mayfield (81) a higher rating than Jameis Winston, Nick Foles, Marcus Mariota and Eli Manning, whom are vastly underrated with a 76 overall rating.

Carson Wentz is rated as the 10th best quarterback by overall rating (86). He nearly led the league in touchdowns last year with 33, despite missing more than three games. It took Russell Wilson, the third-rated quarterback, until the last week of the season to surpass his 33 touchdown mark. Wentz managed to throw all these touchdowns while only throwing seven interceptions. Meanwhile, he is behind people like Cam Newton who threw 22 touchdowns and 16 interceptions. Wentz is also somehow after Andrew Luck who hasnt even played a game in well over a season.

This all makes one wonder if the Madden team at EA even watches football.

Zach Ertz and Lane Johnson have the same speed rating

Somehow, both Ertz and Johnson have 80 speed. This is really startling in two ways. First, Lane Johnson has 80 speed! This guy weights 310 pounds, making such a high speed rating seem misplaced. Not to mention the fact that Jason Kelce is by far the most mobile lineman on Philadelphia’s offensive line, and his speed is only 74.

Second, according to Madden, Carson Wentz is significantly faster than Zach Ertz. This is peculiar because Zach Ertz actually ran a very slightly faster 40 yard dash at the NFL Scouting Combine than Carson Wentz did.

Jordan Hicks is vastly undervalued
Sherman makes a tackle in Madden 19. Photo by EA Sports.

Jordan Hicks has suffered through many injuries in his career. It is an issue that followed him from college to the NFL and that is his main issue. In his six seasons of Hicks playing collegiate and NFL football Hicks has suffered four season ending injuries.

However, when he does play, he is highly effective. In addition, he has a knack for making splash plays. Madden rated him at only 81 overall. This would make him worse than former teammate Mychal Kendricks who is an 82. My problem with this is that Kendricks sometimes had trouble finding the field with the Eagles and the person who started above him, was Hicks.

Hicks has played just about two full seasons worth of games in his NFL career (31). Somehow, he has managed to pick off seven passes, get two sacks, recover five fumbles, force a fumble, and deflect 14 passes. That means Hicks has nearly forced a turnover in half the games he has played. Pretty impressive if you ask me.

The highest player on the Eagles whole team is 94 (Malcom Jenkins). Which seems a little low considering that there are teams with multiple players rated higher than 94 who didn’t win the Super Bowl. It’s hard to be too mad though because as a team the Eagles are rated far and away the highest in the game. They have a solid 90 rating with the next highest being the Patriots at 84.

Check out the rankings for yourself here.

Featured image by EA Sports

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