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HCS North America LCQ Details

With the 2017 HCS Summer Pro League starting up in just a few weeks, one spot remains. Earlier this week, ESL released the details surrounding the qualification process for the eighth spot. With the LCQ taking place in just two weeks, let’s go over the the details of the competition.



The LCQ will begin with two single elimination online tournaments, one on May 18th and the other on May 19th. Both of these qualifiers are open events, meaning that anyone can register to compete for a shot in the Pro League. Once both of these events have concluded, the LCQ will proceed into a double elimination bracket on May 20th. The top four teams from both of the open qualifiers will be seeded into this bracket.

Shotzzy represented Splyce well at HWC 2017. Image by Halo Waypoint.

The winner of the double elimination bracket will be the team to secure the final Pro League spot.

Many community members have pointed out that it doesn’t make sense to have these qualifiers be online, especially with HCS Daytona being an open event and taking place only a week prior. Considering Halo 5‘s constant online instability, it seems that something else must have come up to stop 343 from allowing Daytona’s open bracket to decide the LCQ.

You can find registration info for the LCQ here.


Coiled up

Prototype finally overcame the Brown twins, next stop is the Pro League. Image by Halo Esports Wikis.

One of the biggest contenders in the LCQ is Splyce. This squad, placing in the top six at the 2017 Halo World Championships, is not technically a “Pro” team. Due to last season’s happenings, detailed here, this squad will have to fight through the LCQ to return to the Pro League.

The Splyce roster is now Jonathan “Renegade” Willette, Jesse “bubu dubu” Moeller, Ryan “Shooter” Sondhi, and Anthony “Shotzzy” Cuevas-Castro. Much of the community has their money on this squad breezing through the LCQ. However, with other top players like Hamza “Commonly” Abbaali, Devon “PreDevoNatoR” Layton, Cody “ContrA” Szczodrowski, and Ezekiel “Prototype” Martinez in the mix, it may not be so easy.


How do you think the LCQ will play out? Be sure to let me know.

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Header image by Halo Waypoint.

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