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Glitch 4 was smash 4 at its most hype

When watching a smash tournament there are many factors that can bring the excitement. Close sets, last hit situations, high level play, shocking upsets, just to name a few. Glitch 4 had all of this and more and definitely delivered a riveting show. With the iconic Xanadu venue being home to the best players MD/VA has to offer, visiting opponents had there work cut out for them. The hometown heroes had a chip on their shoulders and weren’t going to go down easily.

All Star Cast

Top players Cosmos (right) and Captain zack (Left) came and graced the iconic Xanadu venue

Glitch 4 was a B tier PGR ranked tournament which definitely attracted top players in the US. Players like p1 Gavin “Tweek” Dempsey Samuel “Dabuz” Buzby, EMG Tamim “Mistake” Omary, P1 Zack “Captain Zack” Lauth, and more were in attendance. However with this being many local players first opportunity to play against PGR ranked players, the stage was set for some great action.

Every top player from out of town made it out of their pools which is to be expected. However one huge development early in the tournament was Dabuz dropping out of singles just as top 96 was beginning. Dabuz actually won the  Custom singles tournament (where each player gets to use one custom move) but cited his not feeling well about his play as the reason for dropping out.

This was a huge because Dabuz was a favorite to win it all. With him suddenly out of the fray the tournament became much more interesting. It also gave a couple free wins against a top 10 player in the world. All in all the the MD/VA locals would have to play their hardest to best the competition. And they did, to an extent.

Nonstop action

With 4 of the best Bayonetta players in the world all in attendance this would no be an easy one. Up until around top 24 winners bracket was dominated by the top Bayo players, with most of them having to play each other to thin the herd. Tweek and Lima had a back and forth set that, which saw Lima taking an early 2-1 lead. Tweek then switched from Cloud to Bayonetta to defeat Lima 3-2 in a Bayonetta ditto, adding more fuel to the argument that Tweek is the best Bayonetta. Hometown hero and #1 ranked MD/VA smasher Chris “Wadi” Boston Stunned EMG Mistake with a dominant 3-0 victory sending him to losers bracket. A huge win for Wadi that definitely sent a message to the out of town players.

Tweek looks poised to win it all!

Wadi held down MD/VA as he always does early on but another hometown player completely stole the show during top 12. Local smasher Rags took sets off of a few big name players at glitch 4. But his shining moment was when he Stunned Captain Zack 3-1 as the entire venue popped off in excitement.

Undoubtedly the one of the biggest wins of his career and another big statement win for the home team. Rags finished in 5th place after losing to Mistake. The real star of the show was P1 Tweek, who dominated yet another tournament on his path to PGR greatness. Tweek coasted through winners bracket, only having 1 close set. He capped it off with a speedrun of his fellow Phoenix 1 teammate Captain Zack. Tweek won the set with a very convincing 3-0 in less than 7 minuets. Capping off yet another destructive tournament win.


If there is anything to take away from this tournament it’s that P1 Tweek is a man on a mission this season. He has been playing at such a high level so consistently that it’s hard to bet against him. Sure Dabuz didn’t compete in singles, but that shouldn’t take away from Tweek’s dominant performance. The summer is approaching, and with it comes many stacked tournaments that will decide how this PGR shapes up. Time will tell how the rest of this season turns out. But right now Tweek has all the momentum going into the second half of the season.

Did you catch the Glitch 4 Stream? What did you think? Feel free to let us know in the comments down below!

Featured image courtesy of youtube.

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