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Gizer Mobile Gaming Platform Poised For The Next Explosion

Gizer Mobile Gaming

Mobile gaming feels like the next big thing for esports. One product prepared for that spark to pop is the Gizer mobile gaming platform.

There are over five billion unique mobile subscribers globally as of Q2 2017, according to Business Insider. Those might seem like old numbers yet it still shows the vast market available to game companies and event organizers.

The Gizer mobile platform has two facets. One for players and another for event hosts. Each of these offers different value for the user. Competitors participate in games for blockchain-based site tokens called Boost that can be used for gift cards, merchandise, and in-app digital assets.

For tournament hosts, the app provides event creation as well as chat tools to engage players. The Gizer tokens (GZR) earned by players can be exchanged in the app for specific merchandise from sponsored brands. The goal is for more and more brands to use the network and provide a path to making the token more valuable and viable for more items.

The unique piece to the GZR token is its position as a more secure, specific-use cryptocurrency. Without getting into a long dissertation about blockchain and Etherium, the GZR token is a more secure currency for gamers because it has its own blockchain being built right now. Check all the technical details HERE.

Gizer Mobile Gaming

App Specifics and Thoughts

The Gizer app is in testing at the moment. I downloaded it via the link in THIS article. You can test it as well on either Android or iOS. There is an alert when you download it due to its unpublished status. No stress there. After a simple sign up and verification email, I had small issues getting a profile picture to load. Not sure if that’s my fault or not.

I could immediately sign up for either Fortnite, Arena of Valor or Clash Royale events under the NOW or UPCOMING tabs. These are all major mobile titles which are good for players.

There is an ATTENDING tab which shows the tournaments for which I signed up. Once I signed up for an event, the JOIN button changes to a red LEAVE button. As the time to participate in the tournament approaches, I will receive notifications on my phone.

All these features are excellent ideas as well and the security of the Ethereum blockchain adds a uniqueness to the digital assets. Gizer is building its own blockchain called Guardian separate from the established Ethereum blockchain. This is an interesting move by the company which suggests they are setting a foundation for a bigger move in the future.

The long-term play here shows Gizer thinking about how to give its offering more value for gamers. A proprietary blockchain allows for fast, fee-less transactions across the network designed for transfer of value. The user interface is designed for adoption on mobile devices due to NFC-based wallets.

Additionally, as games come into the Guardian network, the GZR token gains value as it can be used across multiple games and platforms. Guardian will be ready to ship at the end of 2018.

Blockchain is the Real Key

The consensus mechanisms and network control provided by blockchain are the real keys to victory for Gizer. They are spending their time and resources creating their own blockchain network from the ground up because of the scaling and adoption issues inherent to Ethereum. This is exactly what the gaming world needs and Gizer is positioned to be the foundation of the mobile gaming explosion most believe is coming.

Conversations with CEO Jack Lamir really opened my eyes to the world of blockchain. It has issues like every new industry, however the key is ownership. Grinding through the process of creating and owning a blockchain is worth it because the system handles most problems once the work is done.

Gizer launched its alpha at the end of 2017. Lamir told me user engagements were surprisingly longer than industry giant Discord which shows early interest from their user base of 12,000. That number was built in three months after initial launch. Their 2018 rebranding is still in the testing phase as developers go through the user data gained from the app in its testing phase.

Gamers directly benefit from the blockchain technology because their identity, accomplishments, and earned assets are easily validated on the network. This creates trust and accountability in a space that desperately needs both.

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