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Gen.G’s Massive Partnership with Yonsei University

Gen.G’s global academy announced a couple of weeks ago their newest partnership. They already have a standing relationship with establishments such as the George Mason University of Korea, University of Kentucky and the University of Pennsylvania – Penn Relays to name a few. The newest addition is Yonsei University.


For fans of Gen.G outside of Korea or those who haven’t heard of the Korean Universities this might seem like any other pick up. SKY is an acronym that is used to refer to the three biggest and more prestigious universities in South Korea. Seoul National University, Korea University and Yonsei University are the three schools that make up SKY. For North American fans, view SKY as the IVY league schools of South Korea.

To get into one of these universities can alter the life course of the student not only career wise but their social hierarchy as well. The fact that Yonsei sees how globally competitive gaming is establishing their place in the world, and that they are moving forward to grow with the times is encouraging.

The Impact

This is a big step for esports. Yonsei as well as Korea University is known for producing many elite athletes. The Yonsei-Korea Rivalry that is seen in the traditional sports could always also transition into esports. This could be a great resource for potential players, esport staff and the esport community to have more than just the T2 scene being the feeder into the pro-scene.

In the creation of the global esport program it can lead South Korea into investing in not only esports but in the esport education to help foster better support of the players and organizations. As Yonsei is a leader in innovation it is exciting to see how the university alongside Gen.G can start to become a source of top tier esport talents.

Gen.G and Yonsei

As a global esports organization, Gen.G have made waves in their player first commitment as well as bridging the NA and APAC regions through their dual locations in California and South Korea. This is a huge move not only for Gen.G but also the esports community. To have such a prestigious university join with an organization to help support and promote this community gives hope in further solidifying gaming globally as more than a ‘hobby.’


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