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Gen.G Hires Jordan Sherman as Head of Sponsorship and Revenue

Jordan Sherman moves from traditional sports to esports business. His expertise in sports media, outreach to the community, and sponsorship sales make him an obvious asset for Gen.G. Sherman’s movement between industries means more than just benefit for Gen.G; it means growth and respect for the entire esports industry.

Gen.G and Its Impact

Seuol Dynasty
Gen.G’s Overwatch team: Seoul Dynasty

Sherman’s decision to work with Gen.G is no surprise. Gen.G has produced some of the best talent in both Overwatch and League of Legends. The Seoul Dynasty compete in the Overwatch League, the highest level of competitive play. Their League of Legends team, the Samsung Galaxy (formerly known as the Samsung KHAN), won the 2017 League of Legends World Championship.

More importantly, Gen.G is a staple for representing Western esports and the way that games are being played. The cycles of success and support between Gen.G fans and players show the best part of esports. Sherman has the opportunity to bring the interest around esports in Western culture and bring it to North America.

Respect for Esports

Movement of experienced corporate leaders into esports is necessary for the industry’s reputation among the general public. Fans and investors show love and passion for esports, but the general public knows little about esports.

Jordan Sherman
Jordan Sherman, Head of Sponsorships and Revenue at Gen.G

Sports are a cornerstone in any culture. However, esports are only a staple in some Westernized cultures, like Korea and China. Gen.G is relying on Sherman’s expertise and guidance to reach fans and audiences in North America, Korea and China. Sherman will focus on linking Gen.G fans and brands to bridge the gap between east and west and evolve the universal esports lifestyle and culture.

“Esports is the future of professional competition and Gen.G is at the forefront of the esports industry with its global reach,” Sherman said. “I’ve seen first-hand how MLB and NBA partnerships can drive revenues and reach business objectives for our clients and I am excited for esports to further develop into the next frontier for even greater results. Connecting premier brands with Gen.G and engaging such an amazing fanbase is an incredible opportunity, and I look forward to elevating the Gold Standard esports experience.”

“We are incredibly fortunate to have premier talent such as Jordan join the Gen.G team,” said Gen.G COO Kent Wakeford. “Jordan’s unique experience working with premium sports and digital brands provides Gen.G with invaluable contacts and resources to further engage Gen.G’s valued fans.”

With the rapid growth of esports, it is essential that exposure and representation is done correctly. Experts like Sherman allow esports to spread further than just fans and players.

Featured Image courtesy of Gen.G Esports

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