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Fortnite: How 1v1’s Will Help Your Gameplay

How do 1v1's help your gameplay

With the introduction of creative mode, the skillset of players continues to grow. Fortnite is constantly adding new things to test players ability to adapt, but building has always been the same. Innovation from top tiers trickles down to the rest offering new ways to build and edit to get the best result. Before creative mode, players had only playground to turn to if they wanted to practice. While this was just fine, looting and farming with an hour playtime really took from that experience. Now players are free to play against others with no limitations on guns, material or player platform. 1v1’s are very popular now and help with a lot of things players need to improve their gameplay.


Find Better Competition

How do 1v1's help your gameplay
FN Pro League discord preview // screen capture by Nicholas Rivera

The single best thing a player can do if they want to get better at building is to fight someone better than them. Playing against friends is cool and fun, but growth doesn’t happen from doing the same bad moves over and over. Players need to branch out into different communities in order to find someone who will bring out the best in them. Communities like discord are great for this and are easy to join in. FN Pro League is a great server to find 1v1’s, and the people looking aren’t bad.

The reason that playing better competition works so well is that it gives players a taste of the higher level gameplay. Learning what moves are the most efficient will help to streamline how you move and build. Anyone can do 90’s or double ramp, but the more advanced moves and wall edits paired with fast-paced movement is what brings home the wins. Pop-up cups are great for this as well, offering better gameplay for players who do well and get points. There are currently no pop-up cup challenges, so discord can be a great resource in the meantime.


Learn New Playstyles

How do 1v1's help your gameplay
Lynx finishing an opponent // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

1v1’s also allow players to learn about different playstyles. When a player only plays with a few different people, they are only exposed to certain types of gameplay. Everyone plays Fortnite differently which is why it is important to play as many people as possible. Learning different ways to play and build will help any player with end game.

Exposure to different moves like coning or high ground recovery helps players learn how to counter them. For example, when a player cannot retake high ground with conventional builds, they can use misdirection. A quick edit of a stair and a roof changes direction dramatically, throwing them off and letting you gain some leverage. Some players prefer to play low ground, so practicing in 1v1’s allows practice for these rare but deadly playstyles. The low ground warriors are also very accurate, so peeking isn’t a great idea.



How do 1v1's help your gameplay
Lynx starting a 1v1 // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Learning to edit fast and precisely is another perk of playing 1v1’s. With the Hand Cannon being in the current meta, players love to break through walls. If editing is not your strong suit, these players will replace your wall and kill you fairly easily. Knowing when to spam wall and when to edit either down or out of your box is important as it keeps players alive during build fights. It’s also useful in a fight when you’re getting third partied since it allows both teams to fight it out. This makes it super easy to edit a window, land some shots, and close your window before the enemy knows what hit them.

Editing is also useful in misdirection and in coning situations. Lots of players cone and run but leave their back wide open, giving a great opportunity to kill them. If a player finds themselves coned they can edit the stairs under them and the enemy will have nowhere to run with builds in hand. If the enemy surprises you and is ready, a quick wall followed by a window edit makes for no damage and a flashy kill. For more info on coning you can check out this article here.


Decision Making

How do 1v1's help your gameplay
Lynx resetting after building too high // In game capture by Nicholas Rivera

Lastly, 1v1’s are great for decision making. Players who are not used to building panic when they get rushed, so they’re easy. When an enemy actually knows what they’re doing it is way more difficult and involves more in-depth thinking. General building isn’t good enough anymore, so learning when to do what move is essential. If a player cones themselves, it is easy to get on top and put a floor, but most are too good for that. Stopping and doing a few 90’s before is a better option since you don’t risk losing immediate high ground. Knowing when to push and when to drop off the build is essential too. If a player isn’t aware of simple things like how high or weak they are, they could be in serious trouble.

Not every fight is made to be won the first try, and players do not always understand this. Resetting a fight can give players a breather from the enemy, allowing them to regroup. Regrouping also puts players back of offense, which makes the enemy have to counter you now. This is great for when players need to end fights fast because they now control the fight and where that player moves. Manipulating that player lets you decide what to do after placing a strategic wall, forcing them into your hands, killing them quickly.

Feature Image Courtesy of @_NicholasRivera

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