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Florida Mayhem: Stage 1 Review

The first Stage of the 2019 Overwatch League season is over. For the Florida Mayhem, it was an emotional roller coaster for the organization and the fans. With an overall standing of (1-6) the Mayhem did not qualify for the Stage Playoffs. The Stage was sub-par to say the least for the Boys in Yellow, but with many of the matches being close 3-2 losses, we should see improvement moving into Stage 2. On paper this roster is very diverse and talented, but with communication errors throughout the Stage, the team suffered. Here is the Stage 1 Review for the Florida Mayhem.

Where the Mayhem Went Wrong

Many fans and analysts believe that the root of the Mayhem’s problems was the language barrier between coaching staff and the players. However, many of the Korean players have a very knowledgeable understanding of the English language and used it in-game. There were many communication errors that plagued the team during their matches though. These errors often resulted in mistimed dives, over-extension and wasted ultimate combos. The Mayhem suffered from these problems, and it truly showed during matches that involved a Map 5.

Map 5 would often prove to be the final resting place of a few of the Mayhem’s matches. Against the Chengdu Hunters and the Guangzhou Charge, the Mayhem pushed the match to Map 5 but would ultimately fail to secure the wins. The Mayhem also received two 4-0 blowout matches, with their season opening match against the Atlanta Reign and their Week 4 match against the Boston Uprising. The match against the Houston Outlaws in Week 3 was their only 3-1 final score. However, with all the losses, the Mayhem still picked up one of the greatest upsets in OWL history.

Bring the Mayhem

The Mayhem shocked the league when they picked up the upsetting defeat over the Philadelphia Fusion in Week 2. The Fusion had benched “Boombox” due to health reasons, and “Elk” stepped in to fill the role. This proved to be a great asset to the Mayhem, who exploited the weakened Fusion roster and came out on top. With a successful hold on Temple of Anubis, the Mayhem kept the match tied at 1-1. With an outstanding hold of Point A of Route 66, the Mayhem had an easy victory lined up. Quickly dispatching the Fusion was all too easy and the Mayhem would win the series 2-1.


MVP(s) of the Stage


Caleb “McGravy” McGarvey

Image Courtesy of Team Envy

McGravy was an early Stage pickup and when he debuted, he made an amazing impact with the team. His command of the field allowed him to eat Gravs like they were his lunch. McGravy would make crucial plays for the team when they needed him the most. He is one of the most skilled Western players in the league, and his performance solidifies that claim. With this display of raw talent, McGravy will be a crucial part of the starting lineup in Stage 2.

Damon “Apply” Conti

Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Although he was suspended for the first two matches of the Stage, Apply was ready to go when his time to shine came. No longer listed as a two-way contracted player for the Academy team, Apply is able to fully focus on his time with the main roster. His Brig skills were some of the best the team has seen since her introduction in Stage 4 last season. Apply also has many other heroes in his arsenal that we could see become more playable as the META shifts for Stage 2.




Looking Towards the Future

With Stage 2 starting on April 4, the Mayhem have some time to collect themselves and improve before their first match. The first match of Stage 2 for the Mayhem is against the London Spitfire, and it’s going to be another tough Stage opener. The Mayhem’s schedule overall for Stage 2 is rather heavy. Week 1 alone has them against the Spitfire, and a rematch with the Fusion. Week 2 has them with the Paris Eternal and the undefeated juggernaut of the NYXL. Stage 2 may open up with a losing streak, but if the Mayhem pull together, they can overcome this challenging Stage.

With the introduction of Baptiste on the PTR, we may see him introduced for Stage 2, and that could mean a shift in the current META. The shift could stop GOATS, or could improve upon it. The shift completely depends on which team makes the iconic switch to the new style. Nothing is set in stone, and nobody knows what the META is going to be in Stage 2. For now, the teams take a break, return to practicing and get set for some more amazing Overwatch, starting on April 4, 2019 at 7:00pm EST.


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