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Find NBA 2K18 Players: Interview with DeShea Witcher of 2KFreeAgent

Playing NBA 2K18 by yourself at the park or in Pro-Am can be really frustrating. Many of us have experienced disappointment playing with strangers which elevate our stress levels. You want to play the game to have fun and win the game of basketball. Playing with HeroBallKyle2005 isn’t your idea of spending your free time at night.

Finding the right players to build your team is possible with the help of 2KFreeAgent.

What is 2KFreeAgent?

Search by position, rating, and even time zone. Courtesy of 2kfreeagentcom via Twitter.

DeShea Witcher, creator of 2KFreeAgent, offers the solution to the madness of strangers in NBA 2K18. Except the solution is finding strangers in NBA 2K18 to have fun and win.

2KFreeAgent is a database of players that are also looking for teammates like yourself to play with. With over 160 players to team up with there is a group of players that you can build team chemistry with easily.

You, along with other players, can find a team from the list by adding your MyPlayer to 2KFreeAgent. There’s a private messaging system that notifies a user via email and through their inbox. More features are always in the works.

“I use 2KFreeAgent myself. One time I used it and I was in a 25 game winning streak all because people want to play the right way. People want to play team ball,” Witcher told The Game Haus on his success from using his own website.

Why you started 2KFreeAgent?

The idea behind 2KFreeAgent didn’t happen overnight.

“I actually had the idea during 2K17. Every time I went to the park or at Pro-Am, me being an older player, I don’t have a lot of friends that play the game. Dealing with a lot of random players, ball hogs, and inexperienced players. Frankly when time is short you just want to play a good game,” Witcher said about his idea for 2KFreeAgent.

A lot of players voice their complaints on Reddit where people are getting the same experiences playing with bad teammates. Many comment how it’s hard just to have fun and play basketball right when they team up with randoms.

However players have too many platforms to find other players in. 2KFreeAgent is the solution to solve that.

“I decided to make a place where you could do all of them on one place rather than going on different forums on Reddit, Xbox Live looking for a group. I kind of want to bring it all into one place. There’s also people looking on social media as well on Twitter and Facebook looking for people to run with, looking for people to start a Pro-Am team.” said Witcher about creating a single platform for players.

Response to the support from the 2K Reddit community

Finding people to play with in MyCareer. Courtesy of Tito Sar.

During the idea for 2KFreeAgent, Witcher wanted to gauge the interest with the 2K Reddit community by speaking to the Moderators and everyone in the community.

“You know it kind of blew up and people were saying yeah we need this,” Witcher said on the initial response on Reddit. “The community was actually waiting for this and it was solving a problem.”

In its official launch there were over 500 signups on the website within the first seven days of release announced in its first Reddit thread. Due to issues the website recently relaunched with more features in its latest Reddit thread. 2KFreeAgent continues to grow and allows the community make the game more enjoyable to play.

“The whole reason why people are adding their players to the website is because they’re frustrated with playing with random people or playing with kids. They already are coming in with a mindset of finding a team not just for themselves. They’re ones who find the actual team to play on.” said Witcher on why the 2K Reddit community finds the website useful.

What to look for in the future

There are more features coming aside from the recent private messaging system implemented. The next website feature is going to be built around Pro-Am.

“I’m going to start working on creating a place for Pro-Am teams to recruit and to find players and make it a lot easier to fill their teams.” Witcher said in creating a resource for Pro-Am teams as well. “I’m also gonna be getting to the website is a blog that keeps the discussion about the NBA 2K League for any news and interviews.”

“All the feedback that I’ve gotten about the website has been excellent. The community has helped me grow the website to where it is right now. Adding features, fixing any issues, the response has been positive.” said Witcher on recieving feedback.

Witcher has gained the support from the community and help 2KFreeAgent flourish to create a fun environment for people to play basketball.


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Featured image courtesy of Tito Sar.

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