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FaZe, OpTic win easily, Now 4-2

FaZe, led by Clayster, moved to 4-2 and successfully rebounded from last night's loss. (Photo Courtesy: FaZe Clan)
FaZe, led by Clayster, moved to 4-2 and successfully rebounded from last night’s loss. They’re now in a tie with OpTic for third place, just one loss separates the pair from second. (Photo Courtesy: FaZe Clan)

Game one was a battle between a pair of teams fighting to stay out of the gutter in CWL standings. compLexity and 100 Thieves both entered Wednesday’s action at 1-4, and riding four-game losing streaks. The teams were both at the bottom with map win percentage, 31.6 percent for coL and 33.3 percent for 100T. This match was all about breaking the losing streaks and gaining a bit of confidence heading into the rest of the stage.

Early on 100T looked like they may have been righting the wrongs. An easy 250-191 win on Hardpoint was followed by a 6-0 SnD win. It felt like it took longer to do ban and protect than it did to play the matches. However, game three would prove that the problems hurting 100T haven’t been alleviated yet. Uplink on Infection was another tough game for Nadeshot’s team; they never looked comfortable and missed two shots. They’d lose 7-3 and all of a sudden it had looked like a game five was inevitable. Matt “Mr. X” Morello was CoDCasting the match and he immediately said things were turning in coL’s favor and that a game five would definitely happen.

It would be another game mode 100T has struggled in, CTF, on Breach. A late charge with one minute remaining was huge. Johnny snuck behind coL and rushed the flag back. However, three would immediately go down for 100T and a counter push from Ricky and Goonjar would allow coL to tie it with seconds remaining.

With three minutes remaining plays from Johnny and Examples allowed 100T to get a lead. But could they hold? MirX snuck behind 100T and picked up a nasty two piece utilizing his heat wave. However, Royalty came up huge with a pair of kills and a return to score the third point for 100T. They were able to end the game before a game five.

With the second game of the evening came a matchup from FaZe Clan and EnVyUs. The first battle was a tight back and forth hardpoint that FaZe would ultimately hold on to. They were too strong for too long and won it 250-224 win.

Heading into the search, FaZe was looking to continue the rally after Tuesday’s defeat against Rise Nation.

Round One set the tempo as Jkap’s M8 and Slasher combined for a 3-1 round to win it. A quick 30 second round would favor FaZe with some strong gun battle wins from Attach. They would trade back and forth until it was a 3-3 tie, but then FaZe turned it on. They’d win four straight rounds and close out a 6-3 win.

In Uplink it was all FaZe early, 6-0. However, a late rally from EnVy allowed them to make it close. Down 6-3 they nearly had a dunk from John. However, he was stuffed just below the Uplink. They’d manage to get the late dunk, but it was too little, too late.

The first round between OpTic Gaming and Team SoloMid didn’t go as expected. Typically, OG is a top tier HardPoint team. On Breach, however, things didn’t lean in OG’s favor. To start the map, OG got full streaks from Formal and jumped to a 90-8 lead. TSM battled all the way to beat OG in a surprise victory. They did it in dominant fashion, outscoring OG 242-113.

OG would respond in typical fashion. On SnD, Karma had one of his best performances of Black Ops Three, going 10-1. As a team, OpTic outslayed TSM incredibly well. The kill/death for OG was 26-11 (2.36). It was an all out embarrassing game for TSM. OG won 6-1.

Karma picked up every bit of slacked needing, outshining team captain Scump this week. (Photo Courtesy: OpTic Gaming)
Karma picked up every bit of slacked needing, outshining team captain Scump this week. (Photo Courtesy: OpTic Gaming)

Moving to Uplink, the Green Wall didn’t slow down at all. They’d dominate the score, winning 16-6. Another game that they dominated in the slaying category, 101-77 (1.31). Formal pulled top frag at 39-17. Scump looked more like himself going 27-17.

Up 2-1 and looking to close it out, OG kept the fire stoked in CTF. It wasn’t as dominant, but it was a clean win, 6-3. The biggest surprise was another poor performance by team captain, Scump. He could only produce a 15-21 (0.71) round. The team was carried by great games from Formal and Karma nearly every round.

H2k was excited to get into their Wednesday match. The first game, Hardpoint, would go exactly as planned. Lacefield pulled top frag, yet again, going 36-21 (1.71). He was coming off of last nights insane play in which he’d get a kill and follow with a dunk to pull top honors. It appeared as if he’d do it again tonight. 250-220, H2k win.

Lacefield played as well as anyone this week in CWL and has his team with a share of first place after three weeks of competition. (Photo Courtesy H2K Gaming)
Lacefield played as well as anyone this week in CWL and has his team with a share of first place after three weeks of competition. (Photo Courtesy H2K Gaming)

In SnD, Luminoisty Gaming came out fast and grabbed a round one win. The next two favored H2k on the back of Fears 5-2 start. Round three looked like LG could win a 3-2 defensive round. However, Saints fell off the map and Fears grabbed a two piece to close the round out. With a 3-1 advantage. Phizzurp would snap out of his streak with two kills. That allowed Lacefield to defuse and nearly secure his kinetic armor.

Spacely had a play that changed momentum and kept LG in the running. He would jump to the top of B behind three H2k players, he killed two and cut the round to a 3-1 advantage. The momentum was short lived as Legal made his own impressive play. A three piece, final kill cam feed to win the round allowed H2k to take a 5-2 lead. LG would extend the game 4-5, despite Teepee playing 1-8 to start the game. However, in round 10, LG couldn’t win it. Teepee’s performance made it a 3-v-4, and it was too much for LG. Add in the fact that they had two first blood rounds that they lost, and LG is left with a lot to think about as they’d fall behind 2-0 in the series.

A quick start from H2k allowed them to score early. Phizzurp pushed through apartments starting with six kills; he enabled Lacefield to get the first dunk of the game. Shortly after a counter push from LG was met with an interception followed by a missed throw on the same possession. Spacely responded for LG and went on an 11 streak that helped Luminosity go up 3-2. They’d add two more points before the half, and they led 5-2. Spacely’s 17-7 half was key to the lead.

Quickly off the spawn, an effective apartment push coupled with Phizz’s anhilator allowed H2k to get a dunk. They would get the rebound play and flip the score to 6-5 before LG even settled in. Legal and H2k tried running around snow street on the lower wall run, but fell and dropped the ball. H2k would’ve given up a counter push if Lacefield wasn’t sitting in connector, he’d get a nice two piece to subdue the push. Spacely and LG got a nice one point throw via snow street combined with his active camo. Things were all even 6-6 in the last minute. Legal pulled active camo right back and got another dunk for H2k to put them up by two in the final 40 seconds. That would prove to be the big play. A 6-1 second round from H2k gave them the match and extended the win streak to five games; they are now 5-1.

The final match of the night was a battle between teams trying to reach .500 for the stage. Team eLevate and Cloud9 were entering the match with inverted momentum. eLevate entered on a two game winning streak; C9, a three game losing streak.

*Assault was a fill in for Mochialla on the C9 side for the night.

An easy Hardpoint win for eLv would be how the final match of the evening started. It wasn’t an exceptionally fast start; eLv started out with the 104-92 lead heading into the first lab hill. They held that hill for 52 of the 60 seconds, and that began the blowout. Nagafen would go off inside the middle hill in the second rotation and gain full streaks on an eight streak. A 204-94 lead heading to cages would be extended to 229-124 post-cages. eLv wrapped the game up in palace when Faccento was able to get a crazy five streak to gain control and hold it. Faccento even had a highlight play when he dropped a trophy. A late grenade was tossed in, and the impact of the trophy explosion killed the rushing player. It was an easy game to give eLevate a 1-0 lead.


Faccento has been a huge part of the charge eLv has put on since starting 0-3. (Photo Courtesy, eLevate)
Faccento has been a huge part of the charge eLv has put on since starting 0-3. (Photo Courtesy, eLevate)

Assault led C9 to a 1-0 lead after the beginning round of SnD, with a two kill round and a successful conversion in a one-on-one. Assault would once again come up big in round two. A plant and two kills followed by the closing kill from Happy swung momentum all the way to C9. Aqua would end Assault’s 6-0 start in round three, but he couldn’t clutch a one-on-four. Aqua had six kills through the first three rounds, the rest of his team only had one (Nagafen). Faccento was the saving grace down 0-3, he clutched a one-on-one and eLv was on the board. Felony, 0-4 before round five, would pick up three kills and nearly ace the round. Assault followed Felony up with a three kill round (10-3 through six rounds) of his own, and all of a sudden, C9 led 4-2. Two more kills from assault would give C9 a 5-2 lead as he neared full streaks for the second time in the match. C9 would eventually win it after eLv crawled to 5-4. The 10th round went for C9 and Assault finished with 14 kills (14-6) and 1,700 score. The sub came up huge in SnD, and the series was suddenly tied one-to-one.


eLv started quickly in the Uplink. They scored in the first 20 seconds and added a second throw only one minute in. The quick 2-0 lead and map control looked like a good sign for eLv. However, a counter push from Llama would result in a one point throw. That gave C9 mid-map control, and they rallied to get a pair of dunks. A crazy play from Happy to get the ball directly beneath the satellite only to die would shape the momentum swing. Three C9 players died under the SAT without scoring even a point. They’d only have 5-3 lead heading into the second round.

In the second round, eLevate would start quick again with a throw and dunk to take a 6-5 lead. But consistent pushing from C9 would allow them to control map and get a dunk to take control 7-6. The next minute and a half would all be mid-map control fighting. eLv would win it for a short period and gain a one point throw to tie the game. In the final minute, Felony tried to get a heave for a one-point lead, but he was cut down and C9 gained the ball. Llama had a long-shot chance to get a one point throw, but he couldn’t get it off in time and overtime followed.

C9 was controlling the game through slaying with all four players over 20 kills compared to eLv’s two. Felony and eLv had a rapid push to begin OT but he missed the throw. They’d follow it up with another deep push only to lose the ball. C9’s defense was stout and Llama took the ball up snow street for a counter push, but would lose the ball off the map. Happy had the ball and camo, he took it all the way to back tank without using camo and didn’t score. eLv once again pushed to C9’s side and couldn’t score. With one minute remaining, nobody set a time. Both teams were complacent and didn’t push aggressively until the final 30 seconds. C9 didn’t get a throw off and the last second push from eLv ended with another missed throw. No time was set in round one of OT.

The second round was a little different, Felony would get a 26-second score. He hit his throw after missing his prior three. 2-1, eLevate up after an Uplink that left the CoDCasters befuddled over the 16-minute game.

C9 opened up fast in CTF and got all the way to the eLv spawn. However, running the flag back, Llama would fall off the map after a gunfight near greenhouse and lose it. Nagafen would counter pull and run every direction possible, continuously juking out C9. He’d end up getting the first cap and eLv followed it up quickly with another successful pull and capture. Llama choked an aggressive play and couldn’t get a return against Nagafen. eLv opened up a huge 3-0 lead. A late Aqua capture would end out the first round with eLv up 4-0.

Facing another loss, C9 was against the wall in round two. Llama and C9 started a quick push, he’d finish it off with a heat wave that connected with Felony near wall run. They got a quick capture and salvaged a little hope to begin the round. C9 ran two flags back to their side of the map, but both were returned and eLv was able to play conservatively and win it 5-1 to close out a third straight victory.

Tomorrow Rise will now play the first game (originally scheduled for

Rise hasn't been the best at LAN this year, but online they've been stupid good. Can they gain a share of first place? (Photo Courtesy, Rise Nation)
Rise hasn’t been the best at LAN this year, but online they’ve been stupid good. Can they gain a share of first place? Loony has been a great leader so far. (Photo Courtesy, Rise Nation)

Wednesday) against Dream Team in a battle for first place. Rise gets an additional day off after battling FaZe on Tuesday. DT is looking to prove it’s not a fluke that they’re at the top. That match begins at 5:00 P.M. EST.

The second match we will see LG and EnVy battle it out after both teams lost during Wednesday’s match. Both teams will enter 2-3 and are looking to fight to stay in the playoff hunt. That match will begin at 9:00 P.M. EST.

Standings before the final two matches

H2k 5-1, They’ve won five straight and have not been taken to game five yet.

Rise 4-1, Beat FaZe yesterday, will play DT for a chance to move into a first-place tie.

Dream Team 4-1, On a four-game winning streak, they look to beat Rise and solidify themselves at the top of CWL tomorrow.

FaZe Clan 4-2, They were able to bounce back after the 3-1 loss to Rise and head into week five in good shape.

OpTic Gaming 4-2, Still sour after the week two loss to DT, they’ve rebounded with a pair of victories and now look to move up the ladder.

Team eLevate 3-3, Rebounding from a 0-3 start, the ship is tilted in the right direction once again.

 Team EnVyUs 2-3, A bad loss to FaZe will put EnVy in a bad position. They’re still out of relegation worries, however.

Luminosity 2-3, LG looked bad again on Wednesday night and will need to reconfigure heading forward.


100 Thieves 2-4, Finally getting the second win after a four-match skid, they can now breathe a little easier as they push for the playoffs. Uplink is still a huge concern for Nadeshot and his team.

Cloud9 2-4, C9 tried to battle eLevate, but they still looked outclassed. Their best player was a sub on Wednesday evening (Assault).

Team SoloMid 1-5, Currently battling coL for the gutter spot, TSM has a lot to work on.

compLexity Gaming 1-5, coL faces an uphill battle if they hope to avoid relagation.





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