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Fantasy LCS – Week 8

There are only two weeks left in the Fantasy LCS season, and things are down to the wire. This is where seasons can be won or lost, and a few key moves can make all the difference. Here are a couple things to consider before games get underway this week.



Martin “Wunder” Hansen – Top Lane for G2 Esports

Opponents: H2K and FC Schalke 04

Wunder is arguably the most consistent player on one of the top teams in Europe this split. His 15.81 average points per game puts him at number 3 in the league, and his scores rarely stray too far from that. He has only died 16 times, which is the fewest among Top Laners, and is third in assists with 73. His only disappointing performance came against Splyce last week, and you can bet that he will be set on redeeming himself against two of the weaker teams in the EU LCS in Week 8.

Fantasy LCS
CLG Huhi. Courtesy of LoL Esports

Choi “Huhi” Jae-hyun – Mid Lane for CLG

Opponents: FlyQuest and Echo Fox

Huhi is coming off of a huge week. His 26.82 average points per game was not just a split-best for him, but also one of the highest overall in Week 7. Counter Logic Gaming pulled off an impressive 2-0 week, and kept their chances of a post season appearance alive. While much of the focus was on Trevor “Stixxay” Hayes, Huhi collected 7 kills and 20 assists, while only dying twice. Look for Huhi and the rest of CLG to step up and continue their late season push.


Adrian “Adrian” Ma – Support for Echo Fox

Opponents: Clutch Gaming and Counter Logic Gaming

In terms of fantasy points, Adrian has been the best support of the Spring Split, and it’s not even close. He is averaging more than 2 points per game higher than Andy “Smoothie” Ta, who is his closest competition. He also has the most assists of any support in the LCS by 24. Echo Fox will be trying to secure their first place spot in the NA LCS by going 4-0 in the final two weeks, and you can count on Adrian to lead the charge.



Alfonso “mithy” Aguirre Rodríguez – Support for Team Solo Mid

Opponents: Team Liquid and Cloud9

The 2018 Spring Split has been quite a fall from grace for the “Best in the West” duo. While Jesper “Zven” Svenningsen is still somewhat relevant with his 9th place ADC spot, Mithy currently resides in 15th among supports. He has only broken 30 points in a week once all Split. and his 10.23 points per game average is going to be a low point on most rosters. There is little doubt that the teams who are still starting him in over 58% of leagues can find an easy replacement to improve their scores.

Fantasy LCS
TSM Mithy. Courtesy of LoL Esports


Erlend “Nukeduck” Våtevik Holm – Mid Lane for FC Schalke 04

Opponents: Giants Gaming and G2 Esports

Still starting in 40% of fantasy leagues, Nukeduck has not been providing the returns that owners are hoping for. After a strong start, his poor performances in the second half of the split have dropped his average points per game to 14.23. This barely keeps him in the top 20 Mid Laners in the LCS. Along with his personal performance, the whole team has been struggling in recent weeks. Up against Luka “Perkz” Perković and second place G2 Esports, this is likely to be another rough week for last place FC Schalke 04.


Nubar “Maxlore” Sarafian – Jungle for Misfits

Opponents: Giants Gaming and Splyce

Maxlore’s fantasy success tends to follow that of his team. Throughout the split, when Misfits win, so do Maxlore’s fantasy owners. However, that also means that when Misfits have lost, his scores have been extremely low. This week they are facing two teams that are higher in the standings, and that they lost to previously in the season. Even though Maxlore has the third highest points per game this split for Junglers, it might be best to leave him on the bench this week.



Patrik “Sheriff” Jírů – ADC for H2K

Owned by 13.1%

Like the rest of H2K, Sheriff had a poor start to the split, but has been on fire since lyas “Shook” Hartsema joined as their Jungler. In the past three weeks, he has averaged over 40 points per week. Additionally, they will be facing FC Schalke 04 and ROCCAT in Week 9. Both of these teams have been struggling down the stretch, and are likely to give up significant points for a player like Sheriff.


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Featured image courtesy of LoL Esports

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