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Esports Trends in Global Regions

Ever since the first recognised eSports event took place in the US in 1972, the industry has grown massively on an international scale. With each passing year, eSports attracts new players, audiences and investments, making it one of the most lucrative new segments of the gaming industry.  

With League of Legends and DotA2 tournaments reportedly filling stadiums, and the likes of Team Liquid becoming veritable rock stars in the gaming world, eSports is set to reach stratospheric new heights in the coming years. But which trends are more popular than others in certain parts of the world?  

Let’s take a look!  

Trends Differ, Country to Country 

As with all segments of the gaming industry, trends in eSports differ from country to country. In fact, the development of the segment follows similar patterns seen in various other gaming genres, from online poker to mobile apps. In the former, for example, it was historical trends in the US that led to the formation of modern-day variants like Texas Hold’em. Meanwhile, the surge in popularity of certain mobile gaming apps across East Asia has led to developers in the US and Europe following suit. 

While, globally, eSports is now worth over $1 billion, half of that revenue is generated by the top two dominant regions: China and the US, which own 33.2% ($360.1 million) and 22.4% ($243 million) of market share respectively. Western Europe, meanwhile owns 19% of the market – equivalent to $205.8 million – while the remaining countries that make up the 150 that total the global eSports market have generated 25.4% ($275.2 million).  

Looking at these statistics, we could assume that the trends surging through China and the US would trickle down into the other regions and that they would be the top two for all segments. However, given the diverse nature of eSports, this isn’t actually the case.  

Women in eSports: Which Country is Leading the Way? 

The past two years have been significant to eSports and gaming as a whole in more ways than one. Alongside the explosion in popularity that the gaming industry has experienced, we’ve seen more and more female representation happen from the board rooms of gaming companies to eSports stages.  

But which country is leading the way when it comes to women in eSports? Well, in 2021 that title went to South Korea. On average, female eSports fans comprise around 22% of the total global audience figures. In South Korea, however, women and girls make up 32% of the market.  

China was a close second at 30%, while the UK came out with an above-average figure of 25%. Yet, despite being one of the largest eSports markets in the world, only 17% of eSports fans in the US are female.  

The Countries with the Highest Earnings 

As any pro gamer will tell you, the road to becoming a professional is hard and success doesn’t happen overnight. Players who are committed and show exceptional talent do, however, have the opportunity to earn a substantial income. eSports is becoming more lucrative year after year, and the top individuals and teams are rewarded with high earnings.  

With over 19,400 players in the country, the US offers the highest earnings in the world, paying out $169.1 million to pro gamers in 2021. China, meanwhile, is home to 4,839 professional gamers, who collectively generated $128.3 million. The Republic of Korea comes a close third, with a total of 4,169 players earning $100.5 million during the year.  

Surprisingly, despite the popularity of video gaming as a whole and several eSports initiatives in the region, countries in Western Europe have fewer professional players and offer limited earning opportunities. 

In Denmark, there are 1,670 eSports players in the country, but collectively they only earned $40 million in 2021. On the other hand, France has 4,300 pro gamers within its shores, but they earned a much lower $33.6 million in total.  

Countries Embracing eSports Betting 

As eSports has gained popularity across the globe, more and more viewers are taking an active role in eSports betting. While the market is still in its development stages when compared to other verticals in the global real money gaming industry, forecasts suggest that, as the industry grows, so too will the international take-up of betting on tournaments and teams. 

Currently, Hungary is the most active country for wagering on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive events; Japan places the most bets on DotA2, while eSports fans in Switzerland prefer to bet on League of Legends tournaments.  

The most popular teams with bettors, meanwhile, are:  

  • Na’Vi (Ukraine) playing CS: GO 
  • Team Nigma (Europe) playing DotA2  
  • T1 (Korea) playing League of Legends 

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