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Esports: Shenandoah to Add Esports Degree Program

esports degree program

Shenandoah University, located in Winchester, Virginia, will now be offering an esports degree program. You can earn this as a full degree, a minor, or as a certificate. Shenandoah university is one of the first universities to offer a degree program related to the esports field. If you are serious about the future of esports, here is why this is so important.

Degree Details

First off, let’s share some details regarding the degree option. There are three different tracks that you can choose: esports management, esports coaching and esports media and communication. These are all standard degree programs with 120 required credit hours for the Bachelor degree. Plainly stated, this degree option is rather typical of what you would see for any four-year degree at any institution.

So Why Does It Matter?

If you have been wanting to get into esports from a professional side, this may just be your big break. It not only creates options for people who attend or could attend Shenandoah, but it also makes a statement to the rest of the nation’s institutions. More and more schools will emerge with esports related degree options. Currently, esports is fighting for the spotlight. Whether it’s because some people don’t take it seriously, they don’t think it will last long, or whatever the issue may be, this shows us that esports is here to stay.

By creating a degree option solely related to esports, you are making a statement. You have to hire staff, create resources, and dedicate at least four years to students. Shenandoah is saying that they believe esports is only going to get bigger from here. With the addition of this degree program, they are helping to make sure that happens. As more schools follow suit, esports will continue to grow.

For everyone who loves esports, this should be amazing news to you. Whether you want the degree, or you just watch competitions, it is a big deal. An increasing number of schools are adding varsity esports to their list of varsity athletics. Now you can not only get paid to play at your school, you can prepare yourself for the esports field post-graduation. This is, without a doubt, a great step in the right direction for esports.

To read the full press release, see Inven Global’s detailing here.

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