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Esports: A bright future for Apex Legends

Apex Legends future


Out of nowhere, a new battle royale joins the likes of Fortnite and PUBG in the market. Apex Legends, EA’s latest game, manages to twist this genre adding some new ideas, and adapting some old ones. Its a big surprise as the game came out of the blue and shocked everyone.

It’s tough to join the battle royale lineup and attempt to compete, but Apex Legends manages to crack the formula.


Apex Legends future
Sights of Skull town, one of the 16 major locations in Kings Canyon, Apex Legends map.

To begin, as normal, players drop from the sky and loot locations for weapons, armor, and healing items. However, Apex Legends puts players into groups of three. This differentiates it out of the traditional solo, duo, and squads format.  At the start of the game, the total player count is 60 players or 20 squads. A number that feels underwhelming at face value, but due to the maps size feels just right when in the game.

Gunplay is very smooth, offering a load of different approaches due to the games movement options. Players carry the ability to climb and slide which adds an extra level of depth to the game.

Adding up to the list of new elements players are provided with eight different “Legends” at the start of the game. These Legends add spice to the game as each one has different abilities that provide a different experience.

A massive addition comes with the new respawn mechanic. When players fall to enemies if the rest of the squad manages to eliminate the group and acquire the player’s card, being revived at the nearest respawner is an option. Something that has never happened in this particular genre. Battle Royale games tend to punish newer players due to their lack of experience, but Apex Legends provides a whole variety of options.

Teamwork goes long ways in this game. Each legend manages to serve a different purpose, and coordination makes sure a squad manages to prevail and stand as the Apex champion.

Apex Legends manages to make some bold changes to the battle royale genre. It adds a whole new set of variables that give it its certain level of spice.

Moving Forward

This game is just a baby among the titans that populate the genre. This being said, in three days, Apex Legends reached 10 million players. A feat that can’t be ignored considering that it had little to no marketing attached to it.

The development team has also been very open and already reached out to the community letting them know their ongoing support for the game. This means getting new maps, new weapons, character rebalancing, and hopefully loads of more content.

Fortnite and PUBG will remain strong through Apex Legends existence, but their undisputed dominance of the genre will falter. Many streamers like Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, Guy “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm, and Jaryd “Summit1G” Lazar have all picked up the game and look to be enjoying it. This has taken a hit at the Twitch viewership for the two main battle royales. With all this into account, the pieces for Apex Legends to rise to the top are slowly assembling.


Apex Legends future
Apex Legends first major tournament

Battle Royale games struggle to keep support behind professional leagues due to their vast “RNG” making players feel helpless at times. This doesn’t completely change in Apex Legends, but its teamwork focused gameplay serves to add a new layer to the genre.

Twitch and Respawn are already in the works of hosting the first major Apex Legends tournament. It will feature 48 different Twitch streamers. To top it all off the tournament offers a $200,000 in prizes. Providing a huge payout for competing in a game that hasn’t been out for so long.

With time Apex Legends will grow and get a solid league. Out of the top battle royales, it pushes something new, and exciting. Players flood into the game, giving it glimpses of its big future. All this potential put together guarantees a high potential that will change the battle royale genre for the better.


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