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EA Sports Making “Competitive” Moves with FIFA 18

FIFA 18 is Officially Announced!

Along with its announcement came some juicy details that could definitely use some discussion! The cover athlete for this year’s installment is none other than Cristiano Ronaldo himself. After the successful year he has had it comes to no surprise that he also made it on the cover of this year’s game. Winning the Balon D’or again this year as well as taking his club, Real Madrid, to another UEFA Champions League title are just a few things he managed to accomplish this year. He even earned his own special edition of the game called the “Ronaldo Edition” which comes with a few extras, such as a Ronaldo loan player item for Ultimate Team mode and a few other things. EA also released an amazing looking reveal trailer.


What’s New?

Now I know many people have had issues with EA Sports and how some things were handled as far as the previous games went. The main point I will touch on today is Legends. Legends were first introduced to FIFA back in FIFA 16. They have always been an XBOX exclusive due to an exclusive deal between Microsoft and EA. Well this year in FIFA 18 Legends have been revamped. They are now called “Icons” and will be available on ALL platforms. We do not have many details on these “Icons” players yet but EA sports did announce one new one that will be added!



None other than Ronaldo Nazario! If you know anything about football (soccer) then you know this man very well. There is no question that he deserves his very own Icon Edition of the game.


So Let’s Talk Esports!

One of the biggest gripes during competitive play was the fact that XBOX players had the advantage over the PlayStation players due to having access to those Legend players. Even though the two platforms never faced off against each other in a cross-platform type of way, it did make it tough for each perspective player to perform well on the other console. As you know, the format of the events is that all XBOX players play each other and all PlayStation players play each other. The winner of each console then goes to the final where one game is played on each console. This puts players at a disadvantage due to not having access to these Legends on a regular basis if they are PlayStation players, or having to use a team without Legends if they play XBOX.

Now that these new “Icons” are available on all platforms, none of the players will be able to say they are at a disadvantage when it comes to the players that they have available to them. This will even out the playing field a bit more. The only difference now would be the controllers used on the separate consoles.

We still have no word on how qualifying to get invites to major events hosted by EA will be done. FIFA 17 featured the Weekend League inside its Ultimate Team mode, which let players play 40 games in a span of three days to see where they ranked on a weekly/monthly leaderboard. Many people believe this system will be brought back for FIFA 18 and just improved upon. Some people say they may increase the amount of games you can play each week, while others have different ideas. Essentially it will be up to EA Sports to make the proper changes to keep the fans happy and interested in the series. FIFA Esports is definitely growing and EA Sports needs to go ahead and ride this hype train for all it’s worth before it stops.

Will you be buying FIFA 18? Which edition will you be trying to get? Will you participate in the weekend league? Let the #HausMates know!

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Featured Image and all Videos & Images Courtesy of EA Sports

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