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Dreamhack Smash Championships Throws $30k into the Prize Pool

Courtesy of Barret Womack December 2, 2015

Courtesy of Barret Womack December 2, 2015

Dreamhack is back with another Super Smash Brothers Melee event and now they’ve upped the ante by throwing $30,000 into the prize pool. The prize pool will be the second highest in the history of Melee tournaments and should bring a flurry of international players over to Jonkoping, Sweden on Novermber 24-27th.

Dreamhack just recently decided to put Melee on their circuit in 2015 and have already eclipsed any ongoing tournament series in terms of payouts. The inaugural events in 2015 at Dreamhack London and Dreamhack Winter (In Jonkoping, Sweden) both had $20,000 prize pools. This made them the fifth and sixth highest paying Melee events respectively.

The next Dreamhack event in November will only trail The Smash Summit tournament that happened this past spring ($32k prize pool). Dreamhack has quickly become a reliable source for the Melee community, who have traditionally never gotten the monetary love that other games have received. The event will not only drive more eyes to the game, but should help bring more talented North American players over to Sweden.

The singles event will have a $20k payout, but the doubles event will also be dishing out $10k making it almost as important to be prepared for the teams tournament come November. It caters to any player in the Smash community and should be rising up the ranks as one of the more consequential tournaments in the Melee community. The three events will nearly double the prize payouts of the last four Evo’s combined.

Dreamhack has been a long standing tournament in Europe, mostly based out of Sweden. It has helped grow many flourishing scenes to where they are today (Counter-Strike,  Starcraft 2, etc.). The Smash scene will benefit greatly from being in the lineup at all the Dreamhack events down the line.

A positive to this event is also the fact that William “Leffen” Hjelte can’t be held out of an event held in his home country because of visa issues. It could be the first event in nearly a year where the big five is all playing at a singular event, barring Leffen gets his visa issues sorted out in time for The Big House 6. I also don’t think players of Leffen’s caliber are likely to miss an event with such a nice payout.

DIf you’re looking to sign up for the event or any further information, go here:


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