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Doomfist Overwatch reveal: The hype train has pulled in

Doomfist Overwatch reveal

After many months the hype train for Doomfist has finally pulled into the station with his reveal this past Thursday. But some fans will surely be disappointed by this Doomfist Overwatch reveal because Terry Crews is not voicing the character.

Doomfist Overwatch reveal: Sarh Ngaujah

The person voicing Doomfist is veteran actor and theatre director Sarh Ngaujah. Ngaujah has appeared in films such as Stomp the Yard (2007) and Money Monster (2016) as well as spending time on Broadway. Now he can add on being the voice of Doomfist to his resume.

Ngaujah doesn’t offer the high energy and comedic stylings of Terry Crews. Instead, he offers a more serious approach to the character. And there were no hard feelings from Crews.

“I will always love Overwatch and everyone at Blizzard,” Crews tweeted Thursday. “Doomfist is incredible and I’m happy to have had all the fans consideration.”

Although Crews isn’t voicing Doomfist, with his talent there’s a chance he might appear in Overwatch as another hero.

In addition to the Origin story for the Nigerian anti-hero Blizzard also released a developer update for the new character.

Doomfist Overwatch reveal: Jeff Kaplan talks Doomfist

In the developer update, Jeff Kaplan gives Doomfist’s backstory as well as breaking down his abilities.

What we learned from Kaplan is that Doomfist is an offensive hero who’s abilities center around his gauntlet. He uses abilities like Rocket Punch, Rising Uppercut and Seismic Slam to punch enemies into walls, up into the sky and down into the ground. These abilities make him a front line brawler, which isn’t always the best role for squishy offense heroes.

But never fear, for Blizzard has given Doomfist a passive called The Best Defense. This passive generates a barrier for Doomfist for every enemy he hits with his abilities. This also includes his ultimate: Meteor Strike. When using Meteor Strike, Doomfist leaps into the sky and crashes down dealing AOE damage and stunning his targets.

Although Doomfist’s play style is tied to his gauntlet it doesn’t mean he doesn’t have ranged options. The Overwatch team has given Doomfist the Hand Cannon, a shotgun weapon attached to his knuckles. The shotgun has four shots and has regenerating ammo.

We don’t know yet how Doomfist will fit in the current dive meta. But watching streams of players like Brandon “Seagull” Larned leads us to believe that he will be a diver, not an anti-diver. Let us know what you think in the comments below.

Doomfist is currently available to play on the PTR.

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