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Doing it the Boston Way: Boston Uprising


As it currently stands in Week 3 of Stage 3 in the Overwatch League, the Boston Uprising are undefeated. Yeah, you heard that right; the Boston Uprising are undefeated and they are also in second place in the overall standings. Not even analysts nor fans could have predicted this. Almost everyone thought that Boston Uprising would be at the bottom of the standings. But here we are in Stage 3 and they look better than ever. Maybe it is the faith in the staff, faith in the players, or maybe it is just the Boston way.


Traditional Underdogs

Like most Boston sports teams, management seems to have a way to transform and elevate players. Boston teams don’t hesitate to pick up players that teams may overlook, rather they see potential in those players. Then when those players finally come to fruition and amazing feats occur, people are amazed as to how it even happened in the first place. What people don’t see is the hard work, faith and constant dedication to their craft. The same principles apply to the Boston Uprising Overwatch League team – a group of talented, but unlikely players that came together to create something more than just themselves.


Why Is Boston so Good?

Comparable to other Boston sports teams, the Boston Uprising are good because of their consistency. The team isn’t known for being flashy, rather consistent and adaptive when other teams throw something uncommon their way. They remain unchanged as a team week to week, the only change being their win column increasing in the standings. One player that helps add to this consistency is Nam-Ju “Striker” Won. Striker’s performance week in and week out is unparalleled by any other Overwatch League player. Striker consistently delivers high level DPS gameplay and works well with his teammates. Striker is just one player that was worth mentioning on the team; the Boston Uprising is truly a selfless team and when one person isn’t doing well another one always steps up.

Boston Uprising are Clutch

When it comes to crunch time, the Boston Uprising always perform well when it matters most. Out of the 11 game five maps that the Boston Uprising have gone to, they have a record of 8-3. All three of those losses also came during Stage 1, when the Uprising were still struggling to find their communication and team synergy. Simply, when it comes to Map 5 in the current stages, the Boston Uprising are undefeated. The Boston Uprising also know how to finish out series against strong teams. The Boston Uprising in Stage 3 have beat the New York Excelsior, London Spitfire and the Philadelphia Fusion. Not many teams can say that they have done that.


Potential Stage 3 Champions?

With an even wider margin of error to make the Stage 3 Playoffs (since the Stage playoffs expanded to four teams), the Boston Uprising have already secured themselves a spot. The Uprising also find themselves alongside the New York Excelsior, a team they narrowly beat in a five game series earlier in the stage. With two teams who have displayed their dominance in the Overwatch League, we could potentially see a rematch between these two dynamos in the Stage 3 Finals. Will the Boston Uprising be able to continue their hot streak into the rest of the season or will another team play spoiler to their perfect stage? Tune into the Overwatch League to find out.


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