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Disappointment in Week 3 for Rogue

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Disappointment this week for Rogue in the LEC. Their performance against G2, hands down the best team in Europe, showed that they contend with anyone. The game still ended in defeat for Rogue, but as a fan, hope springs eternal. In the game versus MAD Lions, Rogue dominated the early game, only to hit a brick wall that was the MAD Lion’s composition.  How does this impact Rogue going forward?

Risky Drafts are okay, for now

In the game versus MAD Lions, Rogue drafted a heavy early game composition. The execution of the composition for a majority of the game by Rogue held few mistakes and flaws. Issues arose when team fights occurred and the menace that Soraka happens to be could not be dealt with. The draft issues stemmed from limited damage output; Lissandra, Sett, Jarvan IV and Draven, hold no candle to Kai Sa with a Soraka as back up. Something that must be considered in any draft, what fall back does this draft have if primary play pattern fails? This draft lacked said fallback. No late game bailout meant when the game crested 30 minutes, Rogue could no longer win the game through team fighting. The only remaining option is split push with Finn on Sett. However, the level disadvantage versus the Leblanc could not be overcome. Do not be alarmed, with some small changes to execution, Rogue’s ability to close these kind of games can be assured.

Courtesy of EU LoL Esports

G2, best in Europe

Obvious statement here, however, G2 is not unreachable. Rogue’s performance caught the eyes of many an analyst despite their defeat in the game. Once again, Rogue generates early advantages but, small missteps and overextending cost Rogue in this game. The scaling that G2 drafted comes to the fore as Rogue’s draft could not keep up with what G2 had in the Aphelios/Soraka. Twice this week, teams punished Rogue for leaving Soraka open. Even if Finn executed the lane well both games, that does not inhibit the inevitable scaling coming through for that champion. The damage in the composition was better than the MAD Lions game, however, it does not have the reliability preferred when dealing with hyper carries on the other side of the rift. Disappointment this week for Rogue stems not from the G2 loss, but the one versus MAD Lions.

Player Feedback

Disappointment for Rogue and their fans, but that happens. Looking forward, many bright spots exist within each game that can be looked to as good signs. There are also signs that cause much head scratching. Larssen and Finn are fantastic solo laners who succeed both on their own and with jungle assistance. Hans Sama’s reliability as a carry cannot be questioned when no situations have been attempted to allow him to do so. Inspired’s performance lacks a punch that he possessed in summer last year. He still possesses the ability to generate early advantages and the team enables him fairly well. However, he makes mistakes in terms of his initiations that cost Rogue dearly. Vander, as always, rock solid in the support role, nothing too egregious or spectacular from him so far.

Draft Issues?

Draft needs much improvement, or a reliable counter to Soraka must be found for Rogue to succeed. Twice the team allowed Soraka through, twice defeat struck Rogue. Continue to draft strong early game compositions, but do not forget the late game insurance policy. Whether that consists of Larssen on a hyper-scaling mid, or Hans Sama on a hyper-carry; there needs to be a reliable fall back pattern in draft for Rogue at this point. With the inability to fully close when having an early game comp, such all in style should be pushed to the way side for now. At least, until improvements in Rogue’s mid game decision making happen.  Perhaps Mordekaiser as a reliable response to Soraka considering the ability to remove one champion from the fight. Quicksilver Sash allows escape from the death realm but, that means less gold to supportive items to enable the team.

Courtesy of LEC Esports

Final Thoughts

Rogue currently sits at a record of 3-3 in the split. Some of those games definitely qualify as a disappointment considering the performance of the team in acquiring advantages. However, the pro-activity and ability for Rogue to generate those advantages means there exists solid building blocks with which to build upon. The building of Rome took many years, such as the building of a successful team. The flaws are obvious to see in the current iteration of Rogue, but progress exists on the horizon. Despite disappointment this week for Rogue, brighter things exists beyond the horizon.

Featured photo via Rogue

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