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Dealing with a character crisis in Super Smash Bros Ultimate

74 Characters. 6 additional DLC characters coming soon (Counting Piranha plant). With so many options, match-up possibilities, and unique gameplay scenarios; there’s certainly a character for everyone in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. However, picking a character isn’t so simple, especially in a game like Smash Ultimate. With the majority of players transitioning over from Smash 4, many players find their prior mains much different than their Smash 4 counterparts. This along with the many fan favorite returning characters, has caused players to suffer a character crisis. Do you switch to a new hot character, or tough it out with your Smash 4 main? Maybe your old main isn’t the same and you feel the need to switch. In a game like Smash Ultimate, finding a main can seem impossible. Today we’ll discuss how to survive the Smash Ultimate character crisis.

They’re just not the same anymore

Smash 4 players have been put into a rather odd situation. Melee

Maybe they nerfed Bayo a little too hard?

players don’t have to worry about balance patches, and character changes. Melee’s meta is always evolving and the tier list has changed several times as new strategies, and optimizations have been made by the games best players. However their characters of choice haven’t been altered in any way, aside from some new tech here and there. Smash 4 players who had a solo main for the past 4 years, now have some decisions to make. They don’t get the luxury of having their main characters remain consistent, (although they do get to see broken characters get nerfed) because they’re now playing a new game.

The biggest problem these players face is seeing their solo main be a mere shadow of their former selves. Characters like Sheik are different but still quite similar to their smash 4 counterparts. Whereas, characters like Zero Suit Samus, Diddy Kong and Bayonetta, have seen significant changes to how they are played. Zero Suit Samus lived and died by her ladder combos in Smash 4, but with those (mostly) gone she now has to be played completely differently. Nairoby “Nairo” Quezada was the best ZSS in the world, and now one month into Ultimate, he barely even plays her anymore. Instances like this have forced players to find new characters to mesh with. The problem is that finding that perfect character takes time, and even trial and error. So how can we fix it?

Assembling your team

To start, no one should solo main in this game. There are too many characters, and they’re balanced so well that one character shouldn’t ever take over the meta. Being a solo main player is already risky because it limits your potential, especially if you run into a bad match-up, or a player you just cant beat. In every fighting game it’s good to have multiple characters in your arsenal, but this is especially true in Smash Ultimate. Instead of trying to find that one character you niche with, try building a team of 3 or more characters you’re comfortable seriously competing with. Simply put, there are way too many characters in this game for you to only play one. Being well versed in 3-4 characters makes you a huge threat to face in bracket.

Lastly payers need to not panic about not having a solid character lineup just yet. We’re only one month into the game and this time next year most people won’t even be playing the same characters they are today. Games take time to develop, and the meta is shifting with each day. With DLC on the horizon as well, who knows? Your main might not even be in the game yet.

Are you suffering through a character crisis in Smash Ultimate? Let us know in the comments below!

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