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Dallas Fuel vs Vancouver Titans Playoffs Recap

Overwatch League

Undefeated in the regular season for two straight stages, a Stage 1 Championship and the Shock’s golden stage ruined, the Titans currently have the most pressure in the playoffs right now. Both the NYXL and Hangzhou upset their higher-seeded foes, and Vancouver looked to avoid a similar fate.

Final Score: Titans 3 – 0 Fuel

Oasis: Vancouver 2 – 0 Dallas

The Titans were quite literally an immovable force during Oasis, not giving up a since percent to the Dallas Fuel. The aggression from Vancouver was too much for Dallas to handle, especially in Round 1. Sang-beom “Bumper” Park and company dropped down from the balcony to split the Fuel, and instantly melted Min-seok “OGE” Son. In a play that perfectly exemplifies this match Bumper went down early, and the Titans stalled enough for Bumper to fly in for an Earthshatter to cap the point.

King’s Row: Vancouver 3 – 2 Dallas

Despite Min-soo “SeoMinSoo” Seo falling early and giving up Point A to Dallas, the Titans stonewalled them on Point B. SeoMinSoo redeemed himself with a Graviton Surge to melt Dallas right before B. The Titans proceeded to then waste two minutes of the Fuel’s attack. One of the match’s highlights came at the end of King’s Row, where Bumper rolled out on Roadhog to record two environmental kills. The main tank also connected on four out of five hooks.

The Titans were also stopped on their attack just before B, but were invincible otherwise. Despite Hyojong “Haksal” Kim falling early in a Graviton, Vancouver overcame being a man-down with a Graviton Surge of their own claiming three Fuel players. Hyeon-Woo “JJANU” Choi was able to put in work at the end to defend Dallas’ stall, taking down Dylan “aKm” Bignet quickly and controlling the respawn.

Anubis: Vancouver 3 – 0 Dallas

Vancouver served Dallas a beatdown on Anubis, having little to no flaws in their play. Dallas took the attack first, but Vancouver’s GOATs composition proved yet again to be far superior. Jooseok “Twilight” Lee walked out on Ana and hit Sleep Dart after Sleep Dart, constantly putting an end to Dallas’ pushes. Twilight also brought in one of the scariest weapons in Overwatch, a Nanoed SeoMinSoo with a full charge. The damage was too much for the Fuel, and the Titans made a full-hold. Vancouver’s attack? It could have easily been missed if one blinked during the broadcast. Coming out in a Pharmercy composition, it just took one swift fight for Vancouver to advance to the semifinals. Bumper pulled out his signature Hanzo, and was able to make OGE mush to lead an easy cap.


For everyone who doubted them, the Vancouver Titans proved how dominant they can be. Regardless if it was mirror GOATs or a DPS-heavy composition, the Titans absolutely steamrolled their foes. Bumper was critical in Vancouver’s domination, claiming 32 eliminations in the short match with 15 Earthshatter stuns. The Titans will face off against the NYXL in the semifinals later this weekend, and it should be nothing less than a clash to remember.

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