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Clutch Gaming Week 9 Preview

Clutch Gaming have only one week left to squeak in their spot in the playoffs. However, they face a huge wall in week 9 with two teams looking to also solidify their spot for summer playoffs, 100T and GGS. CG needs to a perfect 2-0 week to get in. Preview their match up here!

100 Thieves (7-9)

100 Thieves PlayoffsDespite their weak start of the split, 100T ramped up their play during late in the summer split. The thieves managed to take huge upset victories over C9 and TSM, proving they can stand toe-to-toe with some of the best teams in the league. Their incredible performance over TSM last week showed they can be incredibly proactive when their win condition is clear. Clutch will need to pull out their absolute best to take a win against the other team vying for playoffs.

However, Clutch dominated 100T during the second week of the split. Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon put on a particularly show stopping performance with a great solo kill. In addition, Clutch won every neutral objective, taking baron twice and having control over every elemental drake. Despite all of this, Clutch have yet to play against 100T new top, mid, and jungler.

Player to watch

Tanner “Damonte” Damonte

CG week 9
Courtesy of Akshon Esports

During 100T stellar performance over TSM this past weekend, Yoo “Ryu” Sang-wook racked up 6/0/2 KDA, giving him a 700g bounty. Damonte will need to pull out some of his more creative picks this weekend to stand a chance against Ryu. Clutch can no longer play safe and passively by picking Corki or Azir. Damonte has proven himself against great midlaners like Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg. Statistically, Damonte ranks in the top 5 for CSD at 10 minutes. If Damonte can farm while making proactive plays with roams to the top lane and the bot lane, CG can pull out a win against 100T.

Golden Guardians (8-8)

Clutch play their final match of the split against the GGS, who are also looking to keep their spot for the playoffs. During their first match up this split, Clutch took a huge victory over the Golden Guardians. CG managed to win 12-4 with control of every drake and the baron as well. However, Golden Guardians have bounced back during the later portion of the split and took a huge upset victory over CLG. While the Golden Guardians may not be the most consitent team this split, they certainly are a threat to any team they play.

In addition, GGS’ top laner and mid laner both rank in the top 5 for gold difference at 10 minutes. Furthermore, their current ADC, Ian Victor “FBI” Huang, ranks in the top 10 for CSD at 10 minutes. GGS have some major threats across every one of their lanes.

Player to watch

Cody Sun


Cody Sun had an incredible match against the Golden Guardians during the first half of the split with a 3/0/6 KDA playing as Jinx. Despite FBI’s great farming statistics, its clear that the team’s weakness lies in their bot lane duo. If Cody can utilize another hyper-carry adc like Jinx again, this will allow CG to snowball victory through their botlane. Furthermore, Cody Sun is still statstically superior to FBI in the botlane, which should make all the difference during the laning phase.


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