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Clutch Gaming Week 8 Preview

CG week 8 preview

After another 1-1 week, Clutch Gaming shares the 6th place spot with the Golden Guardians and 100 Thieves. CG will need to ramp up their play in the next few weeks to solidify a playoff spot. However, during Week 8 both CLG and Flyquest stand in their way. Here’s a preview of how they’ll match up.

CLG (9-5)

CLG beat TSM in Summer Split 2019.
Photo by Colin Young-Wolff/Riot Games

After defeating C9 last week, CLG looks almost unstoppable. During Clutch’s matchup during the first half of the summer split, CLG seemed to dictate the pace of the game. Not only were they able to win almost every neutral objective, it seemed that their superior macro play allowed them to take control of the rift as took down every Clutch turret. Despite this, Clutch managed to keep up kill for kill with CLG losing with a 7-9 scoreline. This means that Clutch weren’t outplayed due to micromechanics, but rather, not having a winning game plan.

If Clutch wants to seal victory against the 2nd place team, they will need to keep their microgame advantage, while playing a team comp that allows them to easily snowball and achieve victory.

Player(s) to Watch

CG week 8 preview VulcanPhilippe “Vulcan” Laflamme and Cody Sun

CLG statistically have one of the best bottom lanes in the LCS, second only to TL’s bottom lane. In gold, CS and XP difference at 15 minutes, Stixxay and Biofrost rank number two, giving CLG the opportunity to easily snowball through bot lane. If Clutch wants to stand a chance against CLG, they’ll need to play comfortable and highly aggressive champions for Cody Sun and Vulcan. Cody Sun has been one of the shining stars of Clutch. CG needs to play through their bot lane again and keep their macro skills sharp to achieve victory against a surging CLG team.

Flyquest (4-10)

Flyquest’s performance this summer has been filled with highs and lows. Clutch came out with a victory against Flyquest during week 3 and look to do it again in week 8. During their first match, Clutch went with a more unusual lane swap play style. This gave Tanner “Damonte” Damonte the opportunity to shine in the top lane with Akali. Damonte would finish the match 6/0/3 earning himself a huge 600 gold bounty, leading his team to victory. However, CG will need to continue to mix things up and stay proactive during this match to ensure that Flyquest won’t walk away with an upset victory.

Player to Watch


While he may not be the best midlaner in the LCS, Damonte is clearly CG’s reliable rock. Not only will he have incredible matches where he takes down superstar players like Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg, but he brings fresh strategies and champions to the team. Damonte proved this last week with his Qiyana play against Echo Fox. Clutch will need to rely on Damonte to take down LCS veteran, Eugene “Pobelter” Park, and carry them to victory.

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