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Clutch Gaming vs Echo Fox: LCS Recap

CG vs Echo Fox

Clutch Gaming looked to solidify themselves as part of the upper echelon of the LCS. However, Echo Fox stood in their way and were trying to improve their 1-5 record. Who would come out on top?

Draft Phase

Due to Colin “Solo” Earnest absence, Echo Fox were forced to play Samson ” Lourlo” Jackson. To give him an easier time, Echo Fox tried to hold Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon back by banning Rumble, his signature champion. Clutch utilized a fairly standard team composition. They drafted Irelia for Huni and gave Twisted Fate to Tanner “Damonte” Damonte in the bot lane. Furthermore, they stayed on meta in the jungle drafting Jarvin IV for Nam “Lira” Tae-yoo. Lastly, CG gave themselves a strong team fight composition with Lux and Sivir in the bot lane for Philippe “Vulcan” Laflamme and Cody Sun, respectively.

Early Game

CG vs Fox Huni
CG Huni

Things started off relatively slow for both teams. However, Huni would take a CS lead over the academy top laner with Irelia. Furthermore, he would take first blood over at 7:45 in the match with some help from Lira and Damonte. Echo Fox would fight back with a roam into the midlane finding a kill onto both Vulcan and Damonte. Clutch would attempt to team fight to contest the Rift Herald. However, they would fall short and give Echo Fox a 2-1 team fight win and Shelly. Just moments before 15 minutes, Clutch took another team fight around the dragon and came out on top where they would turn around the score and take control of the match.

At 15 minutes, Huni took a massive 38 CS lead over his lane opponent. In addition, Cody Sun took control of the bot lane with a large 17 cs lead over the opposing ADC.

Late(r) Game

Echo Fox continued to hit back during the mid to late game with a big fight in the midlane where they would come out on top finding kills onto both Lira and Huni after picking off Damonte in an earlier roam. Furthermore, Fox continued to snowball their lead by finding another team fight and picking off Lira and Vulcan in the midlane. However, CG showed their guts taking a 3v5 team fight near the baron pit. Despite the odds, Clutch came out on top completely turning around the tides of the match and tying up the kill score. Clutch immediately took their opportunity to take baron and utilized it to seige into the Echo Fox base. With baron buff still ticking down, CG would fight one last time in the bottom lane, where they would almost come out with an ace and claim victory.

Final Thoughts

This Clutch team is beginning to look great. It seems that they know how to win team fights, even when short handed and they’re willing to go for risky 50/50 plays that could give them the match win. Furthermore, they are showing tons of heart and giving fans a great show. Watch their match tomorrow against Team Liquid to see if they can prove that they are officially in the upper tier of the LCS.

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