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Centaur Warrunner: A pub stomping dream

After losing 200 MMR in ten games, Centaur Warrunner stampeded in and saved me from one of the worst stretches of solo-queuing I have ever had. I went back to a hero I hadn’t played in a while. Centaur Warrunner isn’t the most flashy of heroes, but his abilities and items allow him to get so much done during all aspects of the game. A hero that can tank and initiate with confidence. I hoped this would help the pains I was feeling while playing lately. Messy initiations and teamfights had really stood out to me, but this hero really made an impact on my overall enjoyment and performance in-game.

The Risk of Initiating in Pubs

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it. Initiating ganks or teamfights and pubs can be one of the most thrilling/terrifying feelings in DotA. Thoughts like “will my teammates TP in or will they just leave me to farm?” will always haunt you. But Bradwarden the Warrunner will save you!

Centaur is one of the most tanky heroes in the entire game without any items due to a strength gain of 4.3 per level. That’s 86 health added per level. Already starting out with 640 health at level one, Centaur hits level ten and has 1,520 health without any itemsThis allowed me to buy just a pair of Tranquil Boots before rushing a Blink Dagger.

The hero is also essentially the world’s tankiest ward because his daytime vision is 1,800, greater than the 1,600 wards have. This innate vision buff makes early roaming and ganking that much easier.

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Possibly the biggest knock against Centaur is that he has a small mana pool with a high mana stun. But, his level 10 talent gives him +2 Mana Regen and essentially nullifies that. His most useful ability only costs 100 mana anyway.

Not to mention the rest of his talents are also incredibly strong. Adding magic resistance to a natural Pipe of Insight carrier is a no-brainer. A bonus 15 strength grants Centaur 1,290 HP. Gaining a Return Aura in the late game at level 25 is impossible to fight into without some sort of magic immunity.

Skills for All Occasions

By far the most valuable part of Centaur Warrunner’s toolkit is his ultimate Stampede, a global ultimate then once cast provides an arguably broken buff.

(Dota 2)

This buff has no cast point and can be used to initiate, escape, and even save your teammates. Following up an ultimate with a Hoof Stomp is easy to line up and effective.

Enemy heroes have to invest in a Silver Edge against Centaur due to a powerful passive. Return does exactly what you may think. It returns damage to the attacker based on Centaur’s strength. His high strength gain makes him very hard to lane against with this aura and the HP that comes with it.

Centaur’s lack of dependence on items makes him very flexible in-game and you can justify buying almost any teamfight item. For instance, a Pipe of Insight, Glimmer Cape, Aghanim’s Scepter and Lotus Orb all have their use on this hero.

Overall, this hero is in a great place right now while being present in only 5 percent of games, despite a win-rate above 50%. If your looking for a hero to play in pubs in a patch that’s getting old, try Centaur.

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