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Can Luminosity Outsmart Counter Logic in Week Four?


Luminosity rounded out week three with an interesting set against Counter Logic Gaming. LG may not have secured the victory, but they certainly performed better against the at the time undefeated North American powerhouse than anticipated. Let’s take a look at how the game played out and what it might mean for week four.


Maybe it was Arachne-phobia?

While an initially surprising at first, Counter Logic choosing Arachne as a first ban was likely what kept Luminosity from being able to clench the victory in game one. This season, Weak3n has continued to show just how well he can perform with this god and every match she has been on the battleground has resulted in a win for LG. Choosing to put heavy focus on Weak3n from the start kept the jungler from being able to capitalize on the gank opportunities that the team has done so well setting up for him since week one. Despite this, LG played exceptionally well, showing they were more than capable of holding their own against CLG. Unfortunately, by the end of the game Luminosity was struggling to find a way to close out the match. Continuing to keep pressure on Weak3n allowed CLG to alleviate much of their late game pressure and it showed.

Eventually, the gap was too wide for Luminosity come back from. Following up a close game one, the picks just weren’t strong enough from LG to contend with the superior team composition. Between Homiefe’s Mercury pick effectively countering Weak3n’s Da Ji, Hurriwind’s Discordia mid continuing to burst down the team and a tenth pick Cu Chulainn from solo Fineokay, Luminosity struggled to find their footing. Counter Logic Gaming took a quick and decisive game two to close out the set.


LG Picks:

Solo: Cerberus (Game One 2/4/5), Nemesis (Game Two 0/5/1) – KikiSoCheeky

Jungle: Serqet (Game One 2/2/2), Da Ji (Game Two 0/4/4) – Weak3n

Mid: Ullr (Game One 3/7/1), Janus (Game Two 2/4/1) – Keegsmate

Support: Athena (Game One 1/0/3), Sylvanus (Game Two 1/1/1) – NotGeno

Carry: Jing Wei (Game One 0/3/2), Cernunnos (Game Two 1/4/2) – Clout

LG Bans: Game One – Sol, Thoth, Janus, Geb / Game Two – Sol, Thoth, Osiris, Nu Wa

CLG Picks:

Solo: Camazotz (Game One 4/3/5), Cu Chulainn (Game Two 3/1/8) – Fineokay

Jungle: Da Ji (Game One 3/1/7), Mercury (Game Two 7/0/7) – Homiefe

Mid: Discordia (Game One 3/1/6, Game Two 5/0/4) – Hurriwind

Support: Fafnir (Game One 3/2/11), Athena (Game Two 0/1/14) – Jigz

Carry: Hachiman (Game One 3/1/8), Hachiman (Game Two 3/2/7) – Snoopy

CLG Bans: Game One – Arachne, Nemesis, The Morrigan, Poseidon / Game Two – Arachne, Camazotz, Ullr, Jing Wei

Winner: Counter Logic Gaming 2-0


Moving into week four, we will see Luminosity rematch Counter Logic Friday, April 13. This is a great opportunity for the team to figure out how to adapt if Weak3n can’t gank. There needs to be more focus on strong picks during draft that also gel with the rest of the team. They need to try and adapt to their opponents’ choices to really play off god picks and read into strategies to keep themselves in the game. As long as they play similarly to how they did in the first game and we can see more confidence from the rest of the team to perform regardless of their jungle’s presence, it’s possible we could see the results just as easily tip in LG’s favor as they did CLG. Perhaps after their loss to eUnited, this will be the start of a Counter Logic losing streak?

LuminosityRegardless of the outcome, just like the rest of the North American split has been, it’s guaranteed to be an interesting game. Before CLG though, Luminosity will be once again be facing off with Trifecta.

You can catch all of the week four action live on Mixer. The broadcast will be streamed exclusively through the SmiteGame channel on Mixer.

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