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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs Dallas Fuel

boston uprising vs dallas fuel

Boston Uprising (4-3) vs Dallas Fuel (4-3)

This game was important for both teams going forward. With playoffs on the line, this match went exactly as everyone expected. Both teams showed some highs and lows, and a map five that went to the very end, this match was a joy from start to finish. This win has secured the Uprising a very real chance at maintaining their eighth seed, pushing them towards a Stage 1 Playoffs spot.

Ilios Boston 1-2 Dallas

The game started quickly, with much anticipation from the crowd. Unfortunately, the Uprising struggled to find their stride. The Fuel, who’ve consistently looked strong, managed a near full hold. In a quick moment, Lucas “NotE” Meissner managed a sneaky back cap during a team fight away from the Lighthouse. However, the Fuel were quick to retaliate. In the end, the Fuel managed to hold them, winning the first round.

boston uprising vs dallas fuel
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

Moving to the Well, the Uprising managed to collect point percentage first. The Fuel fought back, with a good boop onto Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth that sent him down the hole. Quickly, the Uprising were poised to take the point back, and from there, they held it tight. Especially good plays from NotE and Minseok “AimGod” “Jeff” Kwon allowed the Uprising to hold strong, and keep themselves in the fight. They closed the round with a win.

Taking it one more time to the Ruins, Boston stormed the point, ready to get a map win. Though they did win the first handful of team fights, the Fuel had a trick up their sleeve. With Richard “rCk” Kanerva on Sombra, the Uprising’s weakness, the Fuel managed to work around some big EMPs. By also focusing Fusions, Dallas had an easy time cleaning up the rest of the team. Regardless of one more last minute flip from Boston, the Fuel decided Ilios was to be theirs. Boston lost the map, 1-2.

King’s Row Boston 2-3 Dallas

With Boston on attack first, things seemed dim very quickly. Though they were able to get a first tick with ease, the team fights that followed swayed entirely towards the Dallas Fuel. A clutch transcendence from AimGod allowed Boston to storm the point in overtime. Despite a last minute EMP from rCk, the Uprising managed to win the fight and earn themselves the first point of the map.

From there, the second point came with ease. With minimal time to push the payload, the Uprising made the most of what they had. The third point was difficult to obtain, with the Fuel consistently grouping the team together for a total wipe. An amazingly timed sound barrier from Kristian “Kellex” Keller kept the team up, and pushed them forward. In overtime, they were unable to complete it fully. However, with the payload just shy of completion, the Fuel had a long way to go to win the map.

With the Fuel on the attack, the Uprising managed to hold them back, but only momentarily. After two minutes of defending the main point, the Uprising lost to rCk’s Sombra. The second push handed them much of the same. The third push seemed to seal the deal, when Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse stepped up. Switching to a quick Widowmaker, he popped off, killing two people before returning to Zarya duty. Sadly, the Fuel had more ultimate advantage going into the next fight. They finished the map, pulling ahead. The Uprising lost the map, 2-3.

Volskaya Boston 4-3 Dallas

Down at the half, Boston had something to prove. Going into a map that’s notoriously theirs to win, they proved that point once again. Quickly, the first point was captured, with exceptional kills from AimGod to secure it. NotE also worked hard to ensure the Sombra was out of the fight before things could escalate. The second point came with ease as well. By stacking support ultimates, they managed to avoid rCk’s EMP. NotE getting the final kill allowed them to finish their capture. With just under six minutes in their time bank, the Uprising put themselves in a great position for a comeback.

Dallas had a slow start to their attack. With Boston on the high ground, they had nothing to contest. However, Min-seok “OGE” Son went in for the dive, sacrificing himself for his team’s success. The second point seemed touchable for a snow ball. However, Boston pulled out another surprise DPS. With NotE switching to Tracer, he managed to get three kills, pushing Dallas off the point. Burning off nearly two and a half minutes, the Uprising stalled the Fuel out. Though they did get their second point capture, they had less time, putting Boston at the advantage.

boston uprising vs dallas fuel
Volskaya Industries. Courtesy of Blizzard.

The second time around, Dallas attacked first. Off the heels of some powerful plays from rCk, the Fuel took another first point. With less time to capture the second, however, it only took two successful team fights from the Uprising to keep them at bay. With a near five minute time bank, the Uprising just had to get one point, and one tick. It seemed hard at first, with OGE proving to be a formidable force of nature.

However, Fusions finally got his chance to shine. With a shatter that caught the Fuel off guard, the Uprising managed to clean up the Fuel with ease. Despite some player losses, they were able to group up in time for a quick attack on the second point. With a better ultimate advantage, a bomb from NotE led the way. Colourhex and Fusions were quick to clean them up, earning them the percentage they needed. Boston won the map, 4-3.

Dorado Boston 3-0 Dallas

With a chance to stay in this series, Boston took to the point immediately. The first capture seemed easier than it should’ve been, despite a good hold from the Fuel at the very end. Well timed support ultimates let NotE use his bomb, and easily, he cleaned up the team.

The second point was harder than the first. With continuous plays from rCk that separated the team, the Uprising seemed a little scattered. Unable to really step up to the Sombra play, it seemed like the Fuel was ready to shut them down. However, NotE had a different story. By pushing them back, and holding strong on the payload, they gained a second point capture. From there, Fusions decided it was his time to shine. A four man shatter allowed them to push the cart in overtime to completion, giving them a good chance of staying in the fight.

With a last map, and the playoffs in their sights, Boston was prepared to full hold the Fuel at their door. With continuous efforts, specifically from AimGod to constantly keep his team up, the Uprising fended their attacks off time after time. Colourhex managed to get some important picks as well, and together, they stopped the Fuel just shy of the first point. The Uprising won the map, 3-0.

Nepal Boston 2-1 Dallas

In true important fashion, the Uprising refused to go down without a fight. The first round of map five had Boston in a comfortable position to take the point first. They held strong, keeping to their corners and making sure the Fuel didn’t get to take advantage of anyone out of position. With Sombra removed from the equation as well, Fusions got to display his strengths as a main tank. Despite one flip, the Uprising held strong, taking the first round.

Round two had both teams opt for a Winston instead of a Reinhardt, putting OGE in a better position to succeed. Though Boston fought strongly for half of the match, the Fuel weren’t giving up so easily. Quickly, they jumped, ensuring that the Uprising were scattered. Some last minute changes from the Uprising, including Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang on Wrecking Ball and AimGod on Solider: 76, hurt more than helped. The Fuel held strong, winning the second round at Nepal.

boston uprising vs dallas fuel
Image Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

In one last stand for a place in the playoffs, the Uprising and the Fuel clashed again. With rCk back on Sombra, things seemed unsure for Boston. However, they took the point first, holding strong for nearly half of the needed capture. A well placed EMP caused Boston to fall, letting Dallas take the point and hold strong. Going forward, NotE made sure he had rCk’s location on lockdown. An amazing fight with Colourhex and blasé earning double kills let Boston retake what was theirs. With one last push, the Fuel failed to clap back, falling short once more. Boston won the map 2-1.


What an incredible match from start to finish. With earlier games not exactly swaying in favor of the Uprising, they needed to win to secure a place in the playoffs. A reverse sweep is certainly something to be proud of. With this map differential, they’re placed last among playoff contenders. This gives them a real shot at keeping their place, provided the games next weekend play into their favor. Regardless of if they sustain or not, this is a stage that Boston can be extremely proud of. With a new roster, and games that held them back, the Uprising really did prove the critics wrong.

Featured Image Courtesy of the Overwatch League.

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