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Overwatch League: Boston Uprising Stage 3 Week 3 Preview

boston uprising stage 3 week 3

After another week of games, Stage 3 continues to prove that it’s just not Boston’s time to shine. Two more matches came and went, and the Uprising suffered another handful of losses. It’s hard to be a Boston fan and watch this team barely keep their heads above water. However, encouraging messages from the main roster maintain that, regardless of the scoreboard right now, they’re improving, and looking to the future. Their next games will test them even more, and though it’s hard to maintain a positive outlook, the Uprising could score their first win.

Boston Uprising Review

Houston Outlaws (5-12)

A team that blindsided everyone in the League was the Houston Outlaws. After a devastating 0-7 Stage 2, the Outlaws have tried something new. With the power of Dante “Danteh” Cruz and “LiNkzr” Masalin, they’ve managed to defeat not only the Uprising, but the San Francisco Shock. Boston tried their best to give it their all, but the power of the Outlaws was too much to handle, and they ultimately fell in the end.

Player of the Match: Kellex
boston uprising stage 3 week 3

2018-04-12 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Fans sighed a breath of relief when main support Kristian “Kellex” Kellar was back in the starting lineup. Though Kellex can usually be called out for risky plays and dying early on in team fights, this game woke something within him. He was constantly on top of his teammates, and trying his absolute best to keep main tank Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth healed up at all times. Despite the score, Kellex stepped up during his first game back in.

Philadelphia Fusion (9-8)

This game gave fans of both teams everything they wanted. Back and forth, these two evenly matched teams traded point control, attacking standpoints, and massive team fights. Despite their lead going into the half, the Uprising struggled against the power of Jae-hyeok “Carpe” Lee. Additionally, putting Zarya specialist Gael “Poko” Gouzerch on his intended hero gave the Fusion the results they’d been looking for. It was the best Boston has looked since the beginning of the stage, but it was another loss at the end of the day.

Player of the Match: blasé
boston uprising stage 3 week 3
2019-05-05 – Overwatch League 2019 / Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

Without a doubt, flex DPS Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang was Boston’s MVP. Choosing to play a large amount of DPS throughout the night, blase showed why Boston signed him in the first place. With massive plays on heroes like Doomfist and Hanzo, blasé was able to put pressure on the Fusion when it mattered the most. His coordinated attacks with DPS partner Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse put Boston on the map, and gave the team a map win.

Boston Uprising Preview

San Francisco Shock (13-4), June 20th

Despite some rough start to their Stage 3, it’s undisputed that the San Francisco Shock are one of the best teams in the League. After the Shock dismantled a team looking for their own Golden Stage, the Seoul Dynasty, it’s hard to picture a pretty outcome for this matchup. While the Uprising are still trying to find their bearings with a new support duo, it’s easy to assume that a well oiled machine like the Shock are ready to swoop in and claim another sweep.

boston uprising stage 3 week 3

There’s no way the Uprising can really win this game. However, if they practice, they can try new things to see what works, and what doesn’t. Going against the strongest opponents in the League is one of the best ways to learn, grow, and improve. With that in mind, this game will most likely be a wash. Boston can come out learning some new things about how they work together, and what they can use in their second game of the week.

Prediction: San Francisco wins, 4-0
Player to Watch: Fusions

No one enjoys a clashing of Overwatch League Chads more than fans of the Shock. That being said, it’ll be entertaining to see how Fusions and Matthew “super” DeLisi will face off against each other. Regardless of the result, it’s safe to assume that they’ll hug it out in the end. With how intensely Fusions has been focused in the other games that the Uprising have played, it’s also important that Fusions takes this game to get acclimated with his new flex support, Zion “Persia” Yang.

Paris Eternal (8-10), June 23rd

This rematch has the Uprising’s name all over it. Last time these two teams met, the Uprising showed dominance on the first map. However, they fell the rest of the series, despite it being extremely winnable. This time around, the crown should go to the Uprising, and they should earn their rightful first win. It’s hard to predict the fine details, but if the Boston Uprising that fans saw on Sunday show up to this game, there’s a large chance they can pull off this upset.

boston uprising stage 3 week 3
Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

If they can perfect their Sombra GOATs, the Uprising can find a way to get the upper hand. Karol “Danye” Szcześniak has proven to be a formidable opponent, especially when flexing onto niche heroes like Mei. On top of Sombra GOATs, the Uprising could find more value out of their DPS heavy compositions. Colourhex showed his Widowmaker prowess once more, and blase can fight back with niche picks of his own. Things could work out, as long as the team is prepared.

Prediction: Boston wins, 3-2
Player to Watch: blasé

blasé was instrumental in the Uprising’s success against the Philadelphia Fusion. If he can continue to perform at high levels on his DPS picks, there’s a large chance that Boston can fight back. Additionally, in a GOATs composition, blasé has one of the best Brigitte’s in the League. If he can manage to outplay his counterpart on the Eternal, the Uprising can succeed.

Featured Image Courtesy of the Boston Uprising Twitter.

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