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Boston Uprising: Stage 1 Week 2 Preview

Boston Uprising

After a first week of ups and downs, it’s safe to say that the Boston Uprising made a huge splash in the Blizzard Arena. With a new line up just days before opening night, the Uprising showed up and delivered an amazing show. People often underestimate this team of underdogs, but their dominance cannot be ignored any longer. The Uprising are headed towards an amazing stage, and this second week gives them another shot at victory!

Boston Uprising Review

NYXL (2-0-0)

In their first game of the season, the Uprising faced off against the best team in the League. Though they weren’t expected to come out with a win, the Uprising still gave New York a run for their money! Forcing a tie and even taking a map win for themselves, Boston showed everyone that they’re here to stay.


Called up to the Uprising just days before the start of the League, Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth shows why he’s the best of the best. With amazing Reinhardt play that matched that of the enemy team, Fusions debuted himself as a force to be reckoned with. This shot-calling main tank player is ready to take the Uprising to the next level.


This game was expected to go to the Outlaws in preseason predictions. However, due to their fumbling against the Toronto Defiant, casters gave the Uprising the win. Dominance came out in spades for Boston, and Fusions worked wonderfully along his offtank partner Lucas “NotE” Meissner. Together, the team pulled off their first win, and their first five map series of the season!


A late signing in season one, Min-seok “AimGod” “Jeff” Kwon has proved himself worthy of replacing Se-hyeon “Neko” Park. Last minute switches onto characters like Sombra secured defensive wins for the Uprising in a pinch. Additionally, his Zenyatta play is proving to be outstanding. By maintaining a sense of independence, he was able to call out players out of position, and punish the Outlaws whenever he could.

Boston Uprising Preview

Shanghai Dragons: 0-0-2

boston uprising preview
Courtesy of Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment.

In a turn of events, the Uprising are facing the team that now harbors their old team captain, Young-jin “Gamsu” Noh. In their only game of the week, the Uprising are facing crowd favorites in the Shanghai Dragons. Though the Dragons are due for a win, the Uprising aren’t going to be the ones they triumph over. So long as they can come over their weakness of anti-GOATs with a Sombra, the Uprising should certainly see another win this week.

It’s no surprised that Boston has found a superstar in new addition Fusions. With a mastery of Reinhardt and aggressive play style, Fusions is able to predict enemy plays with ease. Additionally, new player Kelsey “Colourhex” Birse is off suspension! Zarya play is important in this GOATs meta, and Boston having their dedicated Zarya player back on the field is the perfect recipe for a win.

PREDICTION: Boston Uprising wins 3-1

Team Fun Fact:

Apparently, AimGod talks in his sleep! As seen on Twitter, by fellow teammate Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang, AimGod dreamed of playing a ranked game. When called out by his friend, he seemed confused, causing a bit of a friendly banter. Even Fusions hopped in!

Player to Watch:

boston uprising preview
Courtesy of the Boston Uprising twitter.

Unsurprisingly, the player to watch is absolutely Fusions. Though AimGod has also been performing insanely well in his position as off support, Fusions is the man to watch. His voice was hoarse at the end of last week, due to the passionate way he shot calls.

Additionally, he’s performing at such a high level in his main tank role. For someone called up to the roster just three days before the League started, Fusions is solidifying himself as one of the best main tanks in the League. He will be instrumental in their game against Shanghai.


Featured Image Courtesy of the Boston Uprising.

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