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Overwatch League Recap: Boston Uprising vs. New York Excelsior

boston uprising recap

Boston Uprising (0-1) vs New York Excelsior (1-0)

In the first game of the season for the Boston Uprising, this brand new team showed the League that they mean business. The series still plays into the favor of New York, but the Uprising put on a good show. Starting six included a triple tank line of Park “Axxiom” Min-seob, Cameron “Fusions” Bosworth, and Lucas “NotE” Meissner. The supports came out in threes as well in the form of Jeffrey “blasé” Tsang, Renan “alemao” Moretto, and Min-seok “AimGod” Kwon.

Nepal Uprising 0-2 NYXL

Both teams came out of the gate blazing with matching GOATs compositions. However, NYXL included the popular choice of a Sombra in their line-up. The use of Tae-hong “MekO” Kim’s performance on Sombra helped the NYXL clutch the first round. Boston didn’t go down without a fight, however, and ended up looking much more solid than predictions claimed.

The second round played into the favor of the NYXL. With no answer to the power that is their tankline, Boston was unable to come back from their initial first push. In the end, they lost the map 0-2.

Numbani Uprising 4-3 NYXL

Once again, both teams came out with mirroring GOATs compositions. With Fusions switching back to Reinhardt as opposed to Winston, Boston saw a little bit more traction. Aggressive gameplay let Boston complete the map with minimal time left to spare.

Sides switched, putting Boston on the defense, and Fusions back on Winston. Their hopes to keep them at bay were quickly dashed, however. The NYXL were fast to break through their hold for a quick point cap. From there, the steam roll continued with NYXL completing the map as well.

boston uprising recap
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

With the map tied up, Boston on the attack again, they were quick to get a first point cap to rack up more points in hopes for a map win. Overtime ticked away as a shatter from Dong-gyu “Mano” Kim knocked them off the point halfway through the map. In the end, the Uprising held a stronger defense to keep the NYXL off the point.The map was won 4-3 for the Uprising.


Horizon Uprising 4-4 NYXL

Coming back from halftime and a map win, GOATs reigns supreme across the board. With NYXL on Winston and the Uprising on Reinhardt, different aggressive play styles were showcased. A dominant display from Fusions gave Boston the first point with ease. Though they stumbled at first, Boston was still able to complete the map.

A full defensive hold was in sight, but NYXL was able to break through the first point. Pushed by a shatter from Mano, they got a second chance. A steamroll lead them to a second point capture, and a tied up score.

boston uprising recap
Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment.

The second time around, Fusions once again secured a double capture point for the Uprising. His dominant performance, combined with AimGod, brought Boston another chance at a map win. The snowball was returned shortly after, with NYXL proving themselves unstoppable. Another double capture brings them into another round on Horizon.

Third time wasn’t the charm for either team. The Uprising were full held by the NYXL. The NYXL almost pulled off the win, but the Uprising were able to hold them back. The match resulted in a draw, 4-4.

Route 66 Uprising 2-3 NYXL

With Boston starting on the attack, things worked smoothly in their favor towards the first point. With a bit of a stall in the second point, Fusions showed up once more to push them through. However, with no answer to the Sombra play, they got held just shy of a third cap.

However, the Uprising still had no answer to the threat of Sombra. With powerful EMPs nearly every fight, the Uprising couldn’t work around it. Unfortunately, the upset wasn’t achieved. They ended up losing 2-3 to the NYXL.


Overall, this new Boston Uprising team is full of surprises. Just like they always are, the Uprising are ready to prove the entire League wrong. This starting game was a great example of what they have to offer, and why they shouldn’t be overlooked. These players are hungry for a win, and being able to stand up to the NYXL shows great strength. Pushing a tie and winning a map before falling in the end speaks volumes to their core strength. Sunday’s game should prove to be just as interesting!

Featured Image Courtesy of the Boston Uprising.

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