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Hearthstone: The Best Aggro Cards of the Boomsday Facebook Dump

Not every card gets a flashy reveal. Blizzard leaves a significant proportion of every expansion to the last minute, revealing all the last cards unceremoniously on their offical site and Facebook page. These cards are rarely too exciting; usually just a few swapped stats and the odd minor synergy. However, some end up as the most powerful aggressive cards of the entire set. Boomsday is no exception. Here are the aggro cards dropped in the last minute that may end up dominating the meta.

Crazed Chemist: Cold Blood on a Stick

Good for going face

Rogue has always been an excellent tempo class. It’s defined by tools that aggressively push the envelope for mana efficiency. It also has the power to turn a tempo advantage into a win, with a scary amount of burst potential. Crazed Chemist reinforces both of these strengths, combining great tempo with terrifying face damage potential.

Cold Blood is a Rogue staple, but suffers from card inefficiency and inflexibility for its low cost and power. Crazed Chemist adds an efficient body to even out the downsides of Cold Blood, massively increasing its versatility and card efficiency. But Crazed Chemist need not replace Cold Blood; it can simply add onto Rogue’s exisisting abilities and threaten even more damage from hand. Odd Rogue and other aggro Rogues in particular will love another high-tempo buff on 5 that isn’t as slow as Scalebane or as conditional as Fungalmancer.

Microtech Controller: Fearless Flooding

Not the best stats, but don’t underestimate the power of board flood

Microtech may not look like much, but its abilities may see it give a needed boost to a wide variety of token decks. Though it’s not quite Muster for Battle, its similarities make it a valuable card in a variety of strategies.

This is a card that loves board buffs. Three bodies for 3 mana is very good value if you’re playing cards like Bloodlust, Savage Roar, or Soul of the Forest. Even a single Flametounge Totem will turn this into 9 trading power on the following turn. Of course, the power of this card may depend on the amount of Spreading Plagues and AOE in the meta. However, there’s a decent chance it will play a key role in supporting a variety of token decks.

Mecharoo: A Better Possessed Villager?

Not often you see a neutral upgrade to a strong class card

Possessed Villager was a Zoo staple, but it looks to be outclassed by Mecharoo. This neutral minion has exactly the same statline as the Warlock card, but has an additional mech synergy on both itself and its token.

Possessed Villager’s aggro power was its power as a sticky one drop that could survive for buffs and add resilience to early boards. It’s particularly potent with attack buffs. With Mecharoo, this power will come to classes like Rogue and Paladin, giving them a far wider pool of powerful one drops. Expect this to combo well with cards like Blessing of Kings, Blessing of Might, Fungalmancer, Cold Blood and other buffs.

Cloakscale Chemist: Sneaky and shielded

This Lizard won’t die easy

Silent Knight was a fringe but powerful aggro option. Its shield and stealth allowed it to to consistently survive to hit buffs. Cloakscale Chemist takes the Silent Knight formula and adds an extremely mana-efficient statline. For only one less attack, it loses an entire mana cost. As a two cost minion, Cloakscale Chemist pays very little for its stealth.

While it’s no Shielded Minibot, its decent on-curve stats makes it far more versatile than Silent Knight, which was not quite good enough without synergies. Chemist compares decently to other on-curve two drops, and can contest 3/2s. But its low cost and stealth makes it great to throw down in almost any situation, and is great to fill out a curve ready for a big buff on the following turn.


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