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OWL Hours: LiNkzr and Dogman Give their Thoughts on Baptiste and Patch 1.34

Overwatch has undergone some pretty major changes with its most recent patch, including the introduction of Hero #30, Baptiste. We sat down with two big brains from the Overwatch League – Jiri “LiNkzr” Masalin from the Outlaws and Dusttin “Dogman” Bowerman from the Atlanta Reign – to discuss their thoughts on the changes, and on Baptiste himself!

LiNkzr – Houston Outlaws

There’s a couple of changes that I dislike. First is the Zarya change. I’ve already given my feedback to the right places, but overall, I think Zarya is a fairly balanced Hero, so that one was, you know…I’m not really sure.

Like, ‘why are you doing this?’

Kind of. I understand it, because the right click has been oppressive, and I think also in the future if you think about Baptiste and the Zarya right clicks, if you have a right click that deals 190 damage AOE, you know, it’s kind of busted. So I understand nerfing the size of the AOE.

I really like the McCree changes. I think that was the best change they could have done for him. It still has the same weakness, but his strengths are now more pronounced. I like the balance in that, that you can still avoid it and you can still have the same counter-play, but now the McCree has more leeway in how he shoots. I like the Junkrat changes, increasing his damage a bit makes sense.

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Photo: Robert Paul for Blizzard Entertainment

As for Baptiste, I think the character is really interesting. The mechanic of crouching to jump higher? I actually didn’t even think that would be an opportunity. I was thinking we could have a launch pad or something. But him having a personal ability of that sort makes more sense, because you can kind of leave that [launchpad mechanic] to another Hero and have Baptiste bring his Immortality Field instead. I like the idea. I think his ultimate (Amplification Matrix) can open up some really interesting strategies. The fact that it’s an ultimate means that it can be counter-played, and that it can be played around with. That’s fascinating to me.

I don’t think I want 3-3 to go away completely. I think it’s a valid composition that makes sense, you know? There’s a lot that goes into it. But now with Baptiste, it opens up this thought process – okay, can we turtle up against it? Are there things we can do against it? His kit – they did the perfect job making him a counter to it, but similar to how Transcendence is a counter to a lot of DPS stuff, I might also think that Baptiste might be a liability against [3-3] sometimes.

Because he doesn’t have what Zenyatta has?

Yeah, yeah. I also think that even though his abilities are strong, it’s a lot in the player. I think that they made a really good FPS Hero with a lot of hard mechanics to master, you know? You can play against Overwatch League players and throw down the field, and maybe they have figured out a way how to destroy it before they even do their combo. Or they might know how to bait it out. There’s a lot of things that can go into it, and I think that’s what I find interesting. It’s not an end-all, win-all thing yet. We’ll see – there’s a lot of potential. So in a month or two, we’ll see a big meta shift, and I think GOATs might come back slowly. It fades away, comes back, and then it’s more balanced.

So who will be playing Baptiste for the Outlaws, theoretically?
Houston Outlaws
Photo courtesy of @outlawsow

I think both Rawkus and Bani have the potential for it. I think they both have good aim, and both of them are Ana-Zen players, so, it would fit. Everyone has good enough aim to play Baptiste, but you’ll be doing a lot of healing on him, because the AOE heals are actually crazy. He probably does more healing than any other character in the game, so I think that’s going to be a big part of his kit.

The typical thing that I always think about with Ana – you can only heal or deal damage. With Mercy, you heal or you boost damage. With Zen, you can do both, right? And so Baptiste falls into category – you heal, or you do damage. It’s going to be interesting to see how players try to master that balance. I think that’s gonna be important. I think you’re gonna see a lot of aggressive Baptiste players and a lot of defensive Baptiste players.


Photo: Stewart Volland For Blizzard Entertainment

At first, I thought Baptiste could have been played like a DPS, in the same way that Brigitte fills in that slot. I think the big reason that Brigitte is in that slot is because it fits really well into the GOATs meta. And she has a lot of burst with her bash and her shift and her combo. Without that, I don’t know if he’d necessarily fit into that spot because he doesn’t have any stuns. So I imagine he’ll actually be played as a support? His right click is very good. I think it definitely adds to that invulnerability aspect of the game… We haven’t really done too much experimenting yet, but there are obviously so many changes with this patch too!

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Do you have a particular favorite or least favorite? Are you a fan of these Zen changes coming through?

My least favorite, I think, is the Ana nerf. I don’t think it was that big of a nerf, but still. The Moira buff is also kinda lame – I don’t think Moira is a very fun hero. In a game like Overwatch, I’d like to aim. It’s definitely not fun playing Moira, in that regard.



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