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Rocket League Autumn update

Autumn Update

Psyonix announced the details regarding their huge Autumn update.

The update, set to hit the pitch on Sept. 28, 2017, also marks the end of the fifth competitive season and the beginning of season six. As always, the end of a season means rank rewards. Psyonix previously announced that the season five rewards are banners players can use to customize their in-game name. The banners will appear around the player’s name when, for example, they score a goal.

Psyonix also announced a huge set of other additions and changes.


Autumn Update
Farmstead. Image courtesy of

With the Autumn update, Psyonix is releasing a seasonal arena named Farmstead. The arena will be available in competitive, casual and private matches, but it won’t be around forever. The landscape around the arena features farmland, a barn, cardboard cow cutouts and trees with different colored leaves representing the season.

Farmstead will be a standard arena, so there’s no need to worry about learning new dimensions.

In Psyonix’s words, get ready to “disturb the tranquility of a rural farm during harvest time with rocket-powered competitions.”

New Maps

Along with Farmstead, Psyonix announced the addition of several other standard maps which will be added in the Autumn update. These maps include Champions Field (Day), Mannfield (Snowy), DFH Stadium (Day), Starbase Arc and Wasteland.

Perhaps the most interesting announcement regarding these new maps is the standardization of Starbase Arc and Wasteland. This isn’t the first time Psyonix has standardized a once non-standard map. The first non-standard map to be switched was Neo Tokyo.

Originally, Neo Tokyo had two platforms on either side of the pitch, creating a second elevated surface to drive on and play off of. After some time, however, and more than a few complaints from the community, Neo Tokyo was removed entirely and eventually brought back as standard map.

Some people do enjoy the non-standard maps. But, all I have to say on the matter is that Neo Tokyo was the best non-standard map and I’m happy to see Starbase Arc and Wasteland be standardized.

Other Additions

Banners and the new standard maps aren’t the only additions Psyonix announced for the update; There’s a whole bunch of other additions to get excited about.

Accelerator Crate and Decryptors

The next crate, which will begin dropping after the Autumn update is released, is named the Accelerator Crate. The crate, as always, gives players one item from a set list upon unlocking. Psyonix announced six of the possible items you can get from the Accelerator crate. These include:

Autumn Update
Accelerator Crate. Image courtesy of
  • Pearlescent (Matte) – Rare paint finish
  • Hot Rocks – Very Rare trail
  • Power Shot – Import boost
  • Chrono – Exotic wheels
  • Popcorn – Black Market goal explosion
  • Jäger 619 RS – car body

While the Accelerator Crate is sure to contain other items as well, this is what Psyonix has announced ahead of time.

Another possible drop coming in the Autumn update are Decryptors. Represented by the image of a USB flash drive, Decryptors can unlock crates the way purchasable keys do. These Decryptors will only drop during events. However, players can’t trade the item, which seems to be the only downside to opening a crate with a Decryptor.


Psyonix hasn’t announced what or when the first event will be. That being said, they did say keep an eye out “for more details when each in-game event drops after the Autumn update launches.”

Adding events gives players something new and exciting to look forward to on a regular basis.


For all of you digital hoarders and pack rats, you’ve done well. Along with additions mentioned above, Psyonix announced that there are over 90 new, free items set to drop in the update.

The items, which include Uncommon, Rare and Very Rare toppers, antennas and boosts, can be acquired as drops after completion of a match or through trading in items for new items. Time to take all those pigeon-head toppers you’ve amassed (yes, I’m talking to you Pigeon Man) and trade them in for something new.

Director Mode (Beta) and LAN Support

Along with all of the items and maps rolling out with the Autumn update, Psyonix also announced Director Mode (Beta) and LAN Support.

Director Mode is a new camera option for spectating matches. While it’s only being released as a beta for now, the new camera mode promises to make spectating matches that much better. According to Psyonix, “this AI-powered camera cuts to the most relevant player’s viewpoint based on what’s happening in the match. It can even predict future shots and saves to find the best angles.”

Psyonix is taking spectating matches to the next level, if Director Mode works the way it’s intended.

As for the LAN Support, “starting with the Autumn update, PC players can experience local multiplayer games for parties and local tourneys,” bringing the competitive side of things to a local setting.


Psyonix also announced reworks to two existing features in the game, the in-game blog and goalposts.

Autumn Update
Transparent goalposts. Image courtesy of

As of now, the in-game blog features the most recent announcement regarding in-game news and esports news. The announcement of the Autumn update is the featured story right now. That being said, with the Autumn update, Psyonix will have the ability to showcase several news items on the in-game blog instead of a single story.

Last, but certainly not least, is my personal favorite announcement. Beginning with the Autumn update, goalposts will be transparent. This means no more guessing where the ball is on the wall while you’re sitting in net ready to make the save.

You can argue that that’s what the ball outline is for, but the outline often disappears right as the ball is above your goal or coming around the corner along the wall, which means the outline was disappearing at the most crucial times it needs to be there. Now, however, players won’t have to worry anymore as they should always be able to see the ball.

So, remember to hit the pitch September 28, and go drop Psyonix a ‘Nice One!’

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