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Armada Wins UGC Smash Open Slowing Mew2King’s Special Losers Bracket Run

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The streak of major wins continues as Adam “Armada” Lindgren was able to win his third straight major tournament at the UGC Open Series. His win comes over Jason “Mew2King” Zimmerman who had his own special run through losers bracket on Sunday in St, Louis, Mo.

Armada is coming off a win last week at Dreamhack, and is hitting his stride in the last month. The first set of grand finals loss to M2K was only the second set loss he’s had in a month. Fortunately, he had a pretty clean road to grand finals aside from his matches with M2K and Juan “Hungrybox” DeBiedma in winners final, but still managed to advance.

Hungrybox took Armada to last game, last stock but Armada entered that stock on Dreamland with a lead and finished the job. Hungrybox managed to win the first two games on battlefield and final destination, but Armada played a strong zoning game and won the Dreamland counter picks. Armada moves to 4-1 against Hbox in the last three tournaments.

As for grand finals, Armada had to work extremely hard to overcome M2K’s smothering Marth. M2K won the first set 3-1, resetting the bracket. He was on fire for most of the afternoon after he got beat by Edgar “N0ne” Sheleby’s Falcon, sending him to the losers bracket. His tear included a game 5 win over Joseph “Mango” Marquez and Hungrybox. The entire losers run is filled with excellent talent, including the same man that sent him to losers: N0ne (3-0).

Mew 2 King after his 3-2 win over Hungrybox (photo cred.
Mew 2 King after his 3-2 win over Hungrybox (photo cred.

The run had M2K going 24-11, all against top players and three gods. Notably, he had an incredible day and he almost pulled it off. Unfortunately for him, he faced the one player who’s situated to deal with someone who’s playing at their best in Armada. After an extremely quick first set loss for Armada, he switched up his entire Peach strategy and won three of the next four games and the trophy.

Armada, as he always does, nearly swept every opponent he faced outside the top five in bracket. The one loss he took was to Sami “DruggedFox” Muhanna, but won the set 3-1. Overall he was 16-7 and only had to switch off his main character in Peach to face Hungrybox. He epitomizes consistency and is without a doubt the hardest player in the world to take a stock from.

Armada ends the year with four major wins and some close second place finishes. It’s hard seeing a scenario where he’s not the worlds best player in 2016. UGC is a good place to end the year for Armada.

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