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Arc System’s Dragon Ball Fighter Z on fighting game community’s radar

Arc System, the developers behind the popular anime fighter Guilty Gear, are back with a new Dragon Ball Z themed 2D-Fighter. Microsoft announced at their E3 press conference that Dragon Ball Fighter Z will be coming to PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC early 2018.

3 v 3 fighters. Photo via

Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a 3 vs. 3 fighter centered around the Dragon Ball universe with a similar art style and animations as the Guilty Gear series. As for the gameplay, the assist system and heavy-combo game feels more like the Marvel vs. Capcom series. The trailer showed the classic Dragon Ball flash movement with an emphasis on air-combos.

It’s a new start for Arc System, who has primarily centered their fighting games around one vs. one gameplay and air-dashes. The style switch to more hectic and flashy Dragon Ball Z engagements will bring new energy to the Arc System fighting game genre. Bright energy bombs coupled with normals that lead into long launch combos. Add the extra character and all hell breaks loose.

“Borrow Their strength” 

Fans of the anime will appreciate getting to use legendary villains Frieza and Perfect Cell on the same team. The assist system appears to be more geared towards Marvel with the backup character having specific assist options. It combines the fast paced game play of Marvel with the speed and grace of the Dragon Ball series.

With Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite coming in the fall, Dragon Ball Fighter Z will be the next potential replacement for Marvel 3. The commercial appeal of the Dragon Ball universe and proven track record of Arc System releasing quality anime fighting games can be a major building point for the new IP.

The reactions from the fighting game community were all positive. The game looked amazing and the hardcore fighting games fans could appreciate what Arc System was going for with this new game. The team aspect will allow for players to be creative with their teams and build combos differently than they would in other Fighters.


Photo via

Unfortunately, Guilty Gear has always been overlooked as a fighter in North America because of the unfamiliarity of the characters. Dragon Ball Fighter Z is a great opportunity for fighting game fans who never tried the Guilty Gear series to have a similar experience while playing with more familiar characters.

Where is it’s place in esports?

As animals do in the Wild, the fighting game tournament scene can be a savage place. Only the strong games survive and make it into the marquee events like Evolution. Based off yesterday’s reactions, it’s already basically guaranteed a spot on the tournament circuit in 2018. The popularity will force this game into tournament lineups, even if the game falls short of expectations.

Fans of the Dragon Ball have been burned before with underdeveloped 3D-fighters in the past. As stated before, Arc System and the first look at the trailer confirm that it stays true to Arc System fighting game style and gives those people hope that they will get a quality fighter.

Piccolo’s Ultimate Attack.

In terms of potential, Dragon Ball Fighter Z has the mass appeal and intricate fighting system that makes for a good game. Street Fighter V has left a sour taste in some fighting game fans’ mouths. Dragon Fighter Z could be a potential replacement for SFV for certain players.

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