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Apex Legends: Season One Battle Pass Imminent?

Apex Legends Battle Pass

Maybe one day, gamers will get to enjoy the thrill of a genuine surprise that’s readied for a game update, but today is not that day. Apex Legends’ ‘battle pass’, akin to that of Fortnite’s, has been due for launch this month, but with still no sign of it, fans and data miners alike have been running rampant.

Patience is a Virtue, eh?

This week, data miners have uncovered a whole host of what seems to be upcoming content for Apex Legends. Reddit users have discovered and posted an image detailing an additional ten Legends to the Legend choice screen. With that being said however, a lot of the character models seem unfinished leading people to believe that perhaps we won’t be seeing all of the characters outlined. This post does coincide however with another “leak” this time by none other than Respawn themselves.

That’s Bait

Amid the whirlwind of speculation regarding the battle pass launch that was promised this month, some frustration was beginning to brew amongst the Apex community. Rather conveniently, Respawn “accidentally leaked” one of the new Legends they intend to release in season one of the upcoming battle pass.

Apex Legends Battle Pass
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This leak gives some form of credibility to the data mining that had been done previously. Rather surprisingly, Respawn have issued a statement on Reddit regarding the data mining and leaks. Their Reddit post acknowledges the findings of the data mining, but asks the community not to get too caught up in the hype.

Respawn went on to state that “There’s stuff in there that is very old, or things we’ve tried in the past and cut…”. This all but confirms the data miners’ findings, but throws an element of doubt over just how many of the supposed new Legends will actually come to being

Bravo Respawn

Despite all the controversy we still are yet to get a definitive launch date for season one. The hype train is well and truly in full flow and with this image, confirming the new legend coming in season one, it would seem that Respawn have us eating out of the palm of their hand. So whether it be a genuine accident or an ingenious marketing ploy, it has everyone touching down in King’s Canyon patiently waiting for more.


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